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Will Vercon smart mirror show oxidation and black spots like traditional LED mirrors?

  • October 08, 2021

The bathroom mirror is the most important mirror in the house and Its quality problem is the last thing you can't ignore. From a lighted bathroom mirror into android smart bathroom mirror, does Vercon two-way smart mirror will be oxidized and appear black spots?

Firstly, why traditional backlit LED mirrors be oxidized and have black spots?

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The blackening of traditional vanity mirrors is caused by the oxidation reaction of the second layer of metal film. The mirrors available on the market are all cut. In a humid environment, water vapor will easily enter the mirror surface from the cut surface, which is oxidized and corroded. Mirror surface, resulting in dark spots. You can find out the material composition of traditional landscape mirrors by checking the table below.


Traditional illuminated bathroom mirror

Vercon backlit smart mirror

First layer

Glass silica

Coating layer

Second layer

Metal film of silver or aluminum

Electronic grade ultra-white glass, silicon dioxide

Third layer

Without the third layer

Ink screen printing layer

The you will see the main causes of oxidation and black spots on mirrors might as following:

*Poor ventilation: Be sure to leave space between the mirror and the wall when you install the LED premium mirrors in the wall, in order to allow for ventilation. When the mirror is flush against the wall and moisture gets trapped, the silver backing on the mirror will begin to oxidize, causing the black spots.

*Excessive moisture: The round bathroom mirror could have been exposed to excess moisture in its previous location or during shipping, especially when you hang in your bathroom.

*Exposure to chemicals: Chemical cleaners with an ammonia base can damage the mirror backing and edges, causing black spots to appear.

*Temperature Changes: Vast changes in temperature can also cause the black spots to appear.

However, Vercon magic mirrors can prevent these problems by developed an unique mirror waterproof design. Each ventilate hole has a unique glue to bond it to prevent water vapor or mist from entering the inside of the 1200mm smart bathroom mirror. Besides, Vercon modern smart mirror have auto defog function mainly via heat transfer technology, it can keep the mirror temperature at a normal or standard level.

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We would also like to share with you why Vercon bathroom smart mirror won’t be oxidized, you can take a look the process principle of Vercon rectangle backlit smart mirror as below:

The process principle of traditional backlit mirror

The process principle of Vercon smart mirror

Traditional backlit mirrors are mainly reflected by the second layer of metal film to have a mirror effect. This metal film is made of silver nitrate solution, plus some sodium ammonium hydroxide and glucose. Due to the reducing ability of glucose, the silver ions in silver nitrate are reduced to metallic silver particles. These particles become mirrors when deposited on the glass. This reaction principle is called "silver mirror reaction".

The principle of the aluminum metal film is to evaporate the aluminum in a vacuum, and let the aluminum vapor condense on the glass surface to form a layer of aluminum film, causing the reflection to have a mirror effect.

Coating layer: The coating layer is formed by magnetron sputtering. The principle of "magnetron sputtering" is that the magnetron coating wire cathode target is equipped with Si (silicon) target and Nb (lithium) target, and the plasma in the Ar-O2 mixed gas is used under the action of electric field and alternating magnetic field. , The accelerated high-energy particles bombard the surface of the target. After the energy exchange, the atoms on the target surface break away from the original crystal lattice and escape, transfer to the surface of the glass substrate to form a mirror effect formed by superimposing a film. Magnetron sputtering uses a magnetic field to restrain the movement of electrons, and the obtained thin film has high purity and good compactness.

Ink screen printing layer: It is printed by low-temperature ink through high-density screen, and then baked by oven to adhere to the back of the glass. The thickness of the screen printing ink layer can reach more than 20 microns and has strong coverage.

You must be very clear why Vercon intelligent bath mirror won’t be oxidized and show black spots after compare Vercon backlit circle smart mirror with traditional lighted mirror. The coating layer and ink layer of the Vercon smart tv android mirror have strong adhesion, and will not be penetrated by water vapor in a humid environment, so there will be no oxidation. Since its launch in 2016, the android 11 smart mirrors sold by Vercon's Smart Mirror Factory haven’t received any feedback about mirror oxidized or appear black spots . This is something we are proud of, we will keep doing better. If you have any question about how to maintain our luxury smart mirror, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


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