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Vercon smart fitness mirror several styles installation

  • May 31, 2021

As the smart fitness mirrors become more and more popular, customer needs are also diverse. Recently we have received requests from several customers, and they are all asking if they can do the installation method they want. Like style; QAIO fitness mirror; or Tonal special workout.

In order to cater to the market and customersneeds, verson update several styles of installation. First, A type bracket that support the fitness mirror standing in the floor stably, its the easy to install and suitable for the family with women and kids. Second, wall mounted(hang in the wall), this style its more suitable for small size exercise mirror, like 32inch, hanging in the wall with 1200*455*30mm is more in line with the design concept, that means you dont need to bend over when using the workout mirror. Third, with a base bracket, this kind of installation is more like tradictional advertising machine, In order to make the fitness mirror stand more firmly on the floor, the design concept has been modified accordingly, so the base will be heavier.

Customized installations method is available, warmly welcome to share your idea with us, we will give you professional advice based on years of project experience, pls be free to contact us anytime.

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