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Vercon launch new style smart bathroom mirror

  • June 30, 2021

A "Smart Mirror" is a two-way mirror with a touch screen display behind it that is typically used to display useful information like the time and date, the weather, the calendar and so on, but with a touch screen, it supports you interactive with the smart android mirror, like your smart phone, except all those basic function, vercon smart mirror still have the following functions:

1)with the stronger waterproof and defogger. 

2)enjoy the spotify music. 

3)ESPN for sports news everyday. 

4) online shopping on Amazon. 

5)watching TV and videos in high-definition/clear images. 

6)checking the traffic routes on the map. 

7)connecting the body fat scale and skin detector to manage and analyse your body health.

Vercon developed the new style smart bathroom mirror with the following key features:

* Latest Android 10.0 OS

* Simple UI design: customized your icon

* Different size & shape can be choose

* IP 65 waterproof, auto defog

Smart Bathroom Mirror

Before vercon smart bathroom only have the rectangle or square shape, we learned that traditional led mirror can satisfy customers’diversified needs, then we made some changes to catering the market & customers, right now you are free to have different size & shape that you want, that’s the biggest step we made. Another point is the simple UI design, before there is a circle on the UI of smart mirror with different Apps or Icons, part of them some customers might not need or interested, it’s hard to remove or replace the app at that time, but right now with the new style smart mirror, Vercon can help you achieve simple UI that more like your cell phone, the icon or apps can move or delete as you like.

For more information about our new style smart mirror, warmly welcome to contact us anytime, or leave your messages, we will contact you in a short time.


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