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Vercon gets good feedback at ISE 2022

  • June 06, 2022

The 2022 European Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition ISE is organized by InfoComm International. The holding cycle is: once a year. This exhibition will be held on May 10, 2022. The exhibition location is Spain-Barcelona-Av. Joan Carles I, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center, Spain. The exhibition area is expected to reach 41,200 square meters, the number of exhibitors will reach 51,003, and the number of exhibitors and exhibiting brands will reach 952.

The European Professional Audio-Visual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ISE) is the most successful and largest professional audio-visual equipment and information system integration technology exhibition held in Europe so far.

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In fact, ISE is also the most visited professional audio-visual and systems integration exhibition in the world. Since ISE was successfully held for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland in February 2004, every year the exhibitors and visitors will refresh the previous record.

With the maturity of technology, how to make better use of existing technical resources and provide novel solutions has become the focus of the industry

Range of exhibition

Communication integration: communication integration communication equipment; network solutions, VoIP; radio communication; home network and automation, information distribution and services, signal management and processing, analog systems, system integration services, building automation

Audio processing, video and audio products: power amplifiers and mixers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, hearing aids Audio accessories and products: public address and intercom systems, walkie-talkies, intercom devices; microphones; language translation devices; wireless microphones; paging machine; background music system; receiver; regulator; audio software; sound masking equipment; audio, amplification equipment; infrared wireless sound field; speakers and speakers; earphones; 3D technology and equipment

Digital signal processing, computers and software: computer components such as sound cards, graphics cards, memory cards; computer accessories such as keyboards and mice; notebook computers; servers; software; testing equipment; intelligent terminals; multimedia control systems, streaming media computer network connection: conventional cables ; Optical fiber and cable assembly; Data cables, connectors, converters and adapters

Video conference equipment: video conference equipment audio/video and data conference equipment; conference equipment and technology, presentation and training equipment; simultaneous interpretation systems; teleconferencing equipment and auxiliary programs; teleconferencing systems and components; echo processing; video conferencing products and Auxiliary programs; videoconferencing systems and components

Imaging equipment Imaging equipment and related products: camera display screen; camera loading system and device; camera lighting; camera power supply; CCTV system and related products;

Projection equipment technology: projectors, projectors, projection screens and shutters, projector lenses and accessories, slide projectors and their accessories; tape recorders, DVD players and their accessories; storage devices;

Display equipment and technology: monitors and screens, LED displays, LCD plasma panels; flat panel displays, imaging systems; digital signage, touch screens, electronic interactive whiteboards, blackboards and electronic positioning systems, smart buildings, smart homes

Lighting and stage equipment: lighting and stage equipment lighting installations; lighting command and control systems, consoles, lighting and performance equipment, home theater technology, security and life safety equipment, racks and hanging solutions; lighting equipment and accessories; power protection

As the world's premier audio-video and system integration exhibition, ISE has received high attention from the industry. At this event, Vercon Technology brought a number of new star audio and video products and professional smart home solutions to the exhibition booth 2P750, bringing a new audio and video conference experience to overseas customers and partners.

At the exhibition site, Vercon Technology's smart backlit mirror attracted a lot of attention with its intelligent and integrated minimalist integrated design. This new product is used in bathrooms. It has a built-in 10.1-inch display screen, Wifi, high-fidelity speakers and Bluetooth and other functional modules. Health detection, audio-visual entertainment, multiple apps and other functions, with streamlined design, simple and beautiful appearance, and powerful experience amaze the audience and become the focus of the audience!

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