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Vercon first generation smart bathroom mirror S8

  • July 09, 2021

It’s called model S8, our first generation smart mirror on vanity. You will see its dimension is 600(W)*800(H)*20(T) MM, and you will see something showed up on the mirror, because there is a 21.5inch touch screen built-in, and android os 5.1 version in it. The version of android os will be upgrade to 7.1.

It’s 20mm thickness glass mirror covered the frame, very slim. You will feel comfortable once your fingers touch the mirror.

smart mirror android

The perfect optical grade crystal mirror determines her outstanding performance.You can choose from mirrored panels that completely hide the image, or you can choose black crystal panels that easily match other decoration styles.Or, you can design your own pattern, and then print it on the mirror, so it is a unique touch product.If you are looking for perfect tactile feel, you can choose a single-sided AR panel, so that the glass in front of you is almost non-existent.It doesn't affect any picture quality.

Touch control technology is the core part of the mirror electric products, through different panels and light sources, different reflection and refraction adjustment, to achieve a perfect effect.


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