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The world's first Android 11 system backlit smart mirror

  • September 07, 2021

Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the design, production and provision of industrial application solutions for touch screen smart mirrors. A global provider of smart home and smart building materials solutions. The company has a professional thousand-level dust-free workshop, which can provide a variety of solutions: smart bathroom mirrors, smart fitness mirrors, smart security mirrors, and smart beauty mirrors. And it has absolute technical advantages in high-end technology fields such as waterproof applications, mirror touch screen design.

backlit smart mirror factory

Today, the world's first Android 11 system backlit smart mirror (K series mirror) is launched by Vercon. Why Vercon can define as smart mirror factory of designer, manufacturer and trend leader?

In terms of hardware:

1. Minimalist bezel-less design.

2. Tailored four-core high-performance motherboard with micro-frame for K series.

3. Full mold and modular design.

4. IP65 dustproof and waterproof grade.

5. The mirror adopts anti-oxidation technology, no rust, no black spots.

6.10.1-inch HD display.

7. Stepless dimming waterproof atmosphere light.

8. High-fidelity waterproof speaker.

In software:

1. Android 11 system.

2. The application of the first level interface can be customized.

3. Equipped with round backlit smart mirror system independently developed by the microframe.

4. Built-in 14 languages

From the above aspects, we can know that the birth of the world's first Android 11 smart bathroom mirror in Vercon smart mirror factory is technically unstoppable.

Led backlit smart mirror VS Traditional light mirror

smart mirror cabinet factory

Led backlit smart mirror
Traditional light mirror
Really smart: based on the Android system, the function expandability is more than one level stronger than that of the traditional light mirror. The difference between the big brother and the smart phone is in line with the trend of intelligence. It can be updated and iterated, and it is getting better and better. Pseudo-intelligence: no intelligent system, all functions are local and cannot be upgraded.
Free your hands: with a display screen, it can replace the scene of watching the screen with a mobile phone in the bathroom, casting video and casting music. No display.
Professional design: professional software and hardware design team. Appearance and UI are all designed by the team, closely following industrial design and UI design trends, minimalist style, reasonable interaction, hardware appearance patent/software GUI appearance patent. Mostly non-aesthetic design.
Friendly interaction: in this all things interaction, our smart mirror can provide users with the most enjoyable interaction experience. No interaction.
Rich content: you can connect to mobile phone music via wifi, you can download apps such as spotify to listen to songs, you can download YouTube and other videos to watch, the application center brings unlimited enjoyment. No music, only connect to mobile phone to play music via Bluetooth, no application extension.
Mirror surface technology: mirror surface integration, no display boundary feeling, return to mirror surface. The screen is a hollowed-out form of an ordinary silver mirror, which has a sense of boundary and affects the mirror.
Mirror material: anti-oxidation, never rust and black. Easy to oxidize, rust and turn black.

More entertainment on your backlit vanity smart mirror

1.Music/Audiobook: Many people have the habit of listening to songs when they take a bath. It is inconvenient to put a mobile phone in the bathroom and they are afraid of water. The sound effect of the mobile phone is not good enough. The big screen of the led backlit defogger smart mirror can see the lyrics more clearly, which can bring better Music listening experience (Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Shazam, Apple Music, Audible, BBC Sounds, Deezer)

2.Video: Watching videos while washing. You can’t hold your phone while washing. It will be very inconvenient to watch videos. Playing videos with retangle backlit smart mirrors can have a perfect experience of watching videos while washing. If the location is good, you can watch videos while taking a bath. Free your hands and improve efficiency (YouTube, Likee, Imgur, Tiktok, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, SkyGO)

frameless backlit mirror factory

Get all the information you need in one click

3.Calendar: Replace the traditional paper calendar at home, the bathroom space lacks a place to check the time, which can improve efficiency

4.Weather: Every morning I will pay attention to the weather of the day to plan what clothes to wear that day. You can quickly see the weather content: real-time weather, wind speed, humidity, 5-day weather forecast, UV index, sun protection guide, visibility, air Quality, sunrise and sunset time

5.News: Get up early in the morning to pay attention to the fresh and popular news and financial information, and grasp the information while washing, make full use of the fragmented time (News Break, Opera News, SmartNews, Police Scanner, Scanner Radio, CNN, Google News, BBC News)

6.Sports Information: Get up early in the morning and pay attention to the fresh and popular sports information. Grasp the information while washing and make full use of the fragmented time (ESPN, CBS Sports, MLB, theScore, BBC Sports, Sky Sports, WSJ, Finance, Investing, Webull)

Your personal health care provider

7.Body fat scale: 11 items of body data can be measured: body weight, body fat percentage, bone mass, BMI, body age, muscle level, etc. Body weight is measured at the same time every morning to ensure data comparability and provide users with accurate diet Advice and fitness advice

8.Skin tester: It can help users to clearly understand the characteristics of their skin, detect the effect of skin care products, the oval backlit mirror displays the measurement results, and based on the user's gender, age and detection results, through the data intelligent analysis, provide users with skin care Suggest.

A smart mirror as convenient and smart as a cell phone

9.Drop-down menu: Global drop-down can punch in the tool menu, convenient and quick operation functions, users can customize some of the functions in the tool menu

10.Customized homepage: You can customize the homepage shortcut application entry to meet the habits of different users, quickly access frequently-used applications, and an efficient and fast experience.

retangle smart mirror factory

11.Screen projection: Project the video, music, and even the mobile page of the mobile phone on the backlit bluetooth smart mirror. The small screen becomes the big one, freeing your hands, breaking the sound limit of the mobile phone, and switching quickly, conveniently and seamlessly (currently only supports Airplay and DLNA)

12.Sleep: It is a mirror when it is sleeping, and a screen when it is turned on

13.Memo: You can send a message to the backlit circle smart mirror via your mobile phone to add romantic life to family members.This function is also called "love message". The interaction between family members in the current society is becoming less and less, and life is very fast-paced. This function can make up for the lack of romance and warmth between family members, and a couple can go to work. The time is staggered. When the husband goes out, the wife is still sleeping. After the husband goes out, he finds that it is raining. Open WeChat and send a message to the backlit wall mirror: It is raining outside, remember to bring an umbrella. The wife will be the first when she wakes up to wash Time to see the message is a very warm interactive scene.

More services

14.Support 14 languages, achieve a variety of language switch:simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean

15.Online update: Regularly push and update the maintenance version, the system becomes more and more stable and easier to use.

16.Application market: A third-party app application market is prepared for users to download and use. All the applications on the application market have been tested and investigated according to the use of the backlit bathroom vanity mirror and are available and have good interactive experience. 78 app resources have been put on the shelves. application

High quality smart mirror material, to create a clear dust-free mirror.

bluetooth smart mirror factory

17.Ambient light: Backlit ambient light, stepless dimming, waterproof light strip, can be switched on/off/dimming through the round bathroom mirror (the default is a single color lamp, the color temperature of the lamp is 6000k, and multi-color light or no light is optional )

18.Defogging: Through the technical principle of heat conduction, the heat emitted by the frameless backlit mirror defogging film is transferred to the mirror to achieve the defogging/anti-fogging effect and also play a role in heat dissipation. (Optional, round mirror cannot be added)

Smart home control center, create a safe life

19.Smart Home: Open a smart life with all things connected (TuyaSmart, Fibaro, ORVIBO Home, Control4 for OS 3, Oral-B, Alexa, Google Home)

Vercon allows you to free your hands, use the fragmented time, and experience the intelligence of life; to connect and control smart sanitary ware equipment, Vercon is more intimate.


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