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  • May 31, 2021

Here our wisdom apartment smart home with the highest technology smart bathroom mirror,with only 2cm thickness fashion thin design.It can play the video on YouTube,watch MV and listen music on Spotify,it also with health management and care,help us to keep better healthy for body and skin,no need spend a lot of money to go to hospital.A lot of other functions and more apps can download like check maps and traffic,check the NBC news and sports news on ESPN and check Facebook,Instagram,Amazon shopping,illuminated LED light,mirror show the calendar,weather,works just like a Ipad.

In the morning,it is fantastic and wonderful when we brush the teeth and wash face at bathroom,no need to take a phone to play video or music again.It will be easy to be broken or drop into water with a phone at bathroom,not very convenient and have big dangerous risk with phone.What’s more,parents can teach their kids how to brush the teeth like a game with Philip smart toothbrush.We can change the LED brightness as we want.It is colourful life,people enjoy morning bathroom time with this high tech mirror product,no more boring.

And we can check our body data like BMI,Muscle,etc with the mirror accessory body fat scale.Especially for people who like fitness and sport and Girls who want to have good body shape,it is very helpful every day.And the skin detector can let’s know skin data like firmness,skin Moisture etc data to help keep good skin condition.What’s more,it can connect with the smart toilet to monitor the chronic disease each day,like diabetes and High blood sugar,etc.In normal life,go to hospital to check body condition is not convenient for us.This help us a lot to know our body condition immediately and make adjustment soon to keep healthy,save much time and money.

hotel waterproof smart led bathroom mirror

Enjoy more healthy and colourful life with this smart bathroom mirror every morning!Better and better life with us!

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