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Smart Dressing Mirror in Fashion Outfits

  • May 31, 2021

The smart dressing mirror has those functions, like virtual fitting experience, shopping guide, clothing matching suggestions, etc. It only takes 3-5 seconds to obtain the customer's human body data, and can also intelligently recommend smart dess’ solutions based on the customer's body shape and appearance characteristics. If customers are satisfied with the result of the try-on, they can pick up the goods on store or scan the code to buy online. Completed the whole process of test-recommend-shopping-try-buy. For consumers, they can get a similar experience to traditional shopping with higher efficiency. Previously, not every consumer can get personalized matching services from a salesperson, but through the intelligent dressing mirror, customers can make their own fashion outfits.

smart full mirror

It can help store owner find out quickly similar styles and similar clothes. At the same time, they clear which styles of clothes have a very high try-on rate, but few people buy them; or which products have the strongest ability to carry goods that can be sold together with other products. The most important thing is reducing the repeated display in limited space to provide unlimited goods. Increasing the store entry rate and conversion rate, and more importantly, is able to retain the data, and carry out secondary contact and marketing after precipitation. Through the digitization of passenger flow, products, transactions, and membership, and re-building the connection between stores and consumers, the store has become a place that includes interaction, transactions, services and logistics. Connecting hundreds of millions of consumers, awakening the silent data of wardrobes, and urging apparel manufacturers to improve their manufacturing methods according to consumer needs.

The smart dressing mirror is not only suitable for offline, but also online, it is digital, and online and offline are interconnected. Consumers can not only use the AI smart mirror to obtain more efficient clothing matching, purchase suggestions, and find their favorite products, but manufacturers and retailers will also better understand user behavior and preferences, so that the "try-on rate" and "purchase rate" can only be expected. The number becomes a guide for effective operations.

With the basic purpose of establishing a large database of human bodies, it has applications in other industries except clothing. For example, in the beauty industry, a virtual trial hair tool is provided for hair salons. Users can check the effect with the hairstyle before cutting their hair. In addition, it is also used in accessories, commercial real estate, security and other industries.

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