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  • Vietnam 5 Stars Hospital
    Vietnam 5 Stars Hospital

    Vercon factory, as the smart display mirror leading manufacturer and solution provider in China, have been focused on the smart touch mirror industry for more than ten years, a lot of experience has been accumulated, some bathroom smart mirrors projects we made can share with you. Smart IoT is becoming more and more popular with the wide application of electronic products, like smart phone, smart watch, smart mirror (also known as Magic Mirror ) can turn an ordinary mirror into a place to display general information, this is really not new in foreign countries, in fact, it has getting more and more popular. Vercon smart mirror mainly apply in luxury hotel, smart home, villa..In order to make home applications more intelligent, smart mirror can be installed to control every Apps in your house, we have been connect TuYa, smart life... to offer smart home solution, that make it works in our smart mirror. The following project we did it’s for 5 starts hotel in China, it received pretty good feedback from our customer, even the user in the hotel. Welcome to follow our social media to get more infos in time.

  • Egypt 5 Stars Hotel
    Egypt 5 Stars Hotel

    The bathroom intelligent mirror has a waterproof design, the mirror IP65 waterproof level, the installation method is also diverse, no matter wall-mounted installation or embedded installation can be, to meet a variety of your customized needs. When the intelligent bathroom mirror is at rest, there is no difference with the ordinary mirror, used for brushing and makeup; When the magic mirror is awakened, it is also an intelligent interactive platform, which becomes your life housekeeper in a second. The toilet intelligent magic mirror that installs in bathroom will let you enjoy the bath time with more intelligence. The health management system in the intelligent bathroom mirror can make statistics and analysis of your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep quality and other health indexes, and show them to you intuitively by sending the data to the mobile phone. Intelligent bathroom mirror can easily realize the linkage between a variety of intelligent products, to create a smart home system. Products can be achieved seamless docking system. Such as intelligent switch, intelligent security, health planning, interactive entertainment and other practical functions.

  • Greek Luxury Hotel
    Greek Luxury Hotel

    A bathroom mirror cabinet is an accessory that has been an integral part of bathrooms for some time now, it not only serves as a bathroom mirror but is also a practical and versatile storage. In order to catering the marketing demand and customers’ need, vercon smart mirror can fix into the mirror cabinet, like bathroom mirror cabinets, medicine cabinet... On May, 2021 VERCON smart mirror enter into AOYUAN Real Estate, one of the famous real estate development companies in China, aim to built an intelligent community for smart life, large size smart mirror with touch screen panel fit into the mirror cabinet, the smart mirror support to time/calendar/weather display; enjoy the spotify music by using our smart bathroom mirrors; ESPN for sports news everyday. For the hardware part 1)with the stronger waterproof and defogger to ensure our smart bathroom mirrors used in the shower cabin without any problems. 2)with the super brightness LED lights inside, and you adjust the brightness. The smart mirror display on AOYUAN Real Estate’ showroom, won the unanimous praise of consumers, especially the teenagers, enjoy the interactive with the smart mirror. We believe the smart mirror will be the future trend, trying to improve your life’s quantity, smart home, smart city. For more details about our smart mirror project, welcome to get inquiry from us anytime.

  • Spanish Hotels and Resorts
    Spanish Hotels and Resorts

    Here our wisdom apartment smart home with the highest technology smart bathroom mirror,with only 2cm thickness fashion thin design.It can play the video on YouTube,watch MV and listen music on Spotify,it also with health management and care,help us to keep better healthy for body and skin,no need spend a lot of money to go to hospital.A lot of other functions and more apps can download like check maps and traffic,check the NBC news and sports news on ESPN and check Facebook,Instagram,Amazon shopping,illuminated LED light,mirror show the calendar,weather,works just like a Ipad. In the morning,it is fantastic and wonderful when we brush the teeth and wash face at bathroom,no need to take a phone to play video or music again.It will be easy to be broken or drop into water with a phone at bathroom,not very convenient and have big dangerous risk with phone.What’s more,parents can teach their kids how to brush the teeth like a game with Philip smart toothbrush.We can change the LED brightness as we want.It is colourful life,people enjoy morning bathroom time with this high tech mirror product,no more boring. And we can check our body data like BMI,Muscle,etc with the mirror accessory body fat scale.Especially for people who like fitness and sport and Girls who want to have good body shape,it is very helpful every day.And the skin detector can let’s know skin data like firmness,skin Moisture etc data to help keep good skin condition.What’s more,it can connect with the smart toilet to monitor the chronic disease each day,like diabetes and High blood sugar,etc.In normal life,go to hospital to check body condition is not convenient for us.This help us a lot to know our body condition immediately and make adjustment soon to keep healthy,save much time and money. Enjoy more healthy and colourful life with this smart bathroom mirror every morning!Better and better life with us!

  • American Real Estate Apartment Renovation
    American Real Estate Apartment Renovation

    When you wake up, Vercon android smart bathroom full hd tv mirror will remind you the weather, date and other affairs. You can listen to the Spotify music when you brush your teeth, you wont be boring as you can watch the ESPN sports news. You can check the traffic from Vercon mirror tv map function just clicking our dashboard. Waterproof mirror tv is a smart mirror bathroom tv with wifi, led light and speaker, it can be interactive with capacitive touch panel. The mirror smart tv digital signage is becoming a personal assistant for family.

  • China Smart Security Mirror in Villa
    China Smart Security Mirror in Villa

    Video monitoring function, you can easily achieve video dialogue through Vercon smart mirror so you can enjoy the fun of conversation without leaving home. What can our smart security mirror bring you? 1. Widely used, our products are not only suitable for hotels, homes, and property management centers. When you are on a business trip or staying in a hotel, you can use our smart security mirror to make elevator reservations and order meal services to experience the smart life of a different short-distance trip. At home, our smart security mirror can realize the connection control of the smart home. With one touch, the light is turned on; the curtain can be opened with one click; the image can be easily obtained by connecting the camera; only one point, no need to go to the door opening , You can unlock smartly. 2. Comprehensive functions. In addition to daily applications, our porch mirrors can also realize the functions of the Internet of Things. Connections: air conditioners, water heaters, TVs, air purifiers, sweeping robots, washing machines, sockets, kitchenware, smoke sensors, etc., make your The home is fully intelligent and technological. 3. More than just a "mirror". In addition to more intelligent functions, our entrance mirror actually has the function of a traditional mirror. Before going out, you can check your appearance, organize your clothes, and have a good mood. 4. The size is small, easy to operate and within reach. There are countless porch mirrors on the market. There are intelligent porch mirrors, and they are only available in Guangzhou Vercon.

  • Smart Dressing Mirror in Fashion Outfits
    Smart Dressing Mirror in Fashion Outfits

    The smart dressing mirror has those functions, like virtual fitting experience, shopping guide, clothing matching suggestions, etc. It only takes 3-5 seconds to obtain the customer's human body data, and can also intelligently recommend smart dess’ solutions based on the customer's body shape and appearance characteristics. If customers are satisfied with the result of the try-on, they can pick up the goods on store or scan the code to buy online. Completed the whole process of test-recommend-shopping-try-buy. For consumers, they can get a similar experience to traditional shopping with higher efficiency. Previously, not every consumer can get personalized matching services from a salesperson, but through the intelligent dressing mirror, customers can make their own fashion outfits. It can help store owner find out quickly similar styles and similar clothes. At the same time, they clear which styles of clothes have a very high try-on rate, but few people buy them; or which products have the strongest ability to carry goods that can be sold together with other products. The most important thing is reducing the repeated display in limited space to provide unlimited goods. Increasing the store entry rate and conversion rate, and more importantly, is able to retain the data, and carry out secondary contact and marketing after precipitation. Through the digitization of passenger flow, products, transactions, and membership, and re-building the connection between stores and consumers, the store has become a place that includes interaction, transactions, services and logistics. Connecting hundreds of millions of consumers, awakening the silent data of wardrobes, and urging apparel manufacturers to improve their manufacturing methods according to consumer needs. The smart dressing mirror is not only suitable for offline, but also online, it is digital, and online and offline are interconnected. Consumers can not only use the AI smart mirror to obtain more efficient clothing matching, purchase suggestions, and find their favorite products, but manufacturers and retailers will also better understand user behavior and preferences, so that the "try-on rate" and "purchase rate" can only be expected. The number becomes a guide for effective operations. With the basic purpose of establishing a large database of human bodies, it has applications in other industries except clothing. For example, in the beauty industry, a virtual trial hair tool is provided for hair salons. Users can check the effect with the hairstyle before cutting their hair. In addition, it is also used in accessories, commercial real estate, security and other industries.

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