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  • Vercon smart fitness mirror several styles installation
    Vercon smart fitness mirror several styles installation
    • May 31, 2021

    As the smart fitness mirrors become more and more popular, customer needs are also diverse. Recently we have received requests from several customers, and they are all asking if they can do the installation method they want. Like style; QAIO fitness mirror; or Tonal special workout. In order to cater to the market and customers’ needs, verson update several styles of installation. First, A type bracket that support the fitness mirror standing in the floor stably, it’s the easy to install and suitable for the family with women and kids. Second, wall mounted(hang in the wall), this style it’s more suitable for small size exercise mirror, like 32inch, hanging in the wall with 1200*455*30mm is more in line with the design concept, that means you don’t need to bend over when using the workout mirror. Third, with a base bracket, this kind of installation is more like tradictional advertising machine, In order to make the fitness mirror stand more firmly on the floor, the design concept has been modified accordingly, so the base will be heavier. Customized installation’s method is available, warmly welcome to share your idea with us, we will give you professional advice based on years of project experience, pls be free to contact us anytime. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marketing Dept. : Sarah Zhang Website: Email: Whatsapp :  +86 13711212050 Skype :  d4fe721555d40ef0 Cell:  +86 13711212050 Phone :  +86 22213121 Fax:  +86 020 22213154

  • Smart mirror amazon
    Smart mirror amazon
    • May 31, 2021

    In 2012, a Japanese company called Seraku showed people an Android-based smart mirror at the Japan Science and Technology Exhibition. The product supports touch, interactive with the mirror, allowing users to check news, weather, map, etc. by touching the screen while washing hands and faces. All kinds of information, totally like your smart phone. This mirror based on the Android system is very novel. It seems to be equivalent to an interactive smart display that combines the Android operating system and home decoration. The main components of the entire system that make up this mirror are: an Android tablet that provides an interface and an RF proximity sensor that detects whether the user touches the mirror. The user does not need to actually touch the mirror. The mirror can also sense and intelligently display information. At the beginning, real estate companies and hotels are very interested in the smart mirrors, especially smart mirror with screen built in. This smart mirror can act as a "one-stop" display for reading news, checking network traffic, leaving notes for family members. Another new type of smart mirror may be suitable for clothing retail stores. When the customer stands in front of the interactive mirror, it will take photos of the customer's front, back and side. When a customer chooses jeans of various brands, the display will show what the customer looks like after wearing jeans of this brand. Consumers’ shopping experience in stores has changed a lot. At least increased entertainment. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marketing Dept. : Sarah Zhang Website: Email: Whatsapp :  +86 13711212050 Skype :  d4fe721555d40ef0 Cell:  +86 13711212050 Phone :  +86 22213121 Fax:  +86 020 22213154

  • Find a Smart Bathroom Mirror in Your Style
    Find a Smart Bathroom Mirror in Your Style
    • May 31, 2021

    What would a bathroom be without a smart mirror? A bathroom mirror is essential for so many activities: brushing your teeth, putting your makeup, washing your face, shaving your moustache, styling your hair and more. Most of your time stay in bathroom you might interactive with the mirror. With Vercon mirror range, you can share one mirror or have two side by side for a dual sink vanity. Vercon has bathroom smart mirrors in any size you want---600*800mm; 700*900mm; 1000*700mm; 1200*800mm. So far we have octagonal and square shape, for special shape inquiry, we can offer customized service. There are smart mirrors that come with built-in LED lighting and you can quickly turn on the light with a lightly touch. A bathroom mirror can also add depth or size as a decorative feature. For example, hang a large mirror to help make a small bathroom appear bigger. Check out our bathroom planning guide for more inspiration and ideas. Most of our bathroom mirrors come fully assembled and complete with installation hardware and you can easily hang them with some basic DIY skills. Furthermore, we can offer installation videos to show you how to hang in the wall. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marketing Dept. : Sarah Zhang Website: Email: Whatsapp :  +86 13711212050 Skype :  d4fe721555d40ef0 Cell:  +86 13711212050 Phone :  +86 22213121 Fax:  +86 020 22213154

  • How to decorate your bathroom?
    How to decorate your bathroom?
    • May 31, 2021

    Bathroom decoration is very important, even the space of bath room is relatively small, but there are many things to be decorated, like led mirror; led light; sanitary ware and etc,. so the design is very important. Here is how to decorate the bathroom. Layout. The layout of bathroom decoration is very important. It is necessary to make full use of space. The arrangement of water pipes, wires and sockets must be fully designed. The design of storage racks should also use space as much as possible to make the bathroom more spacious. Suspended ceilings are made of various materials, such as PVC, plastic-aluminum panels, aluminum gussets, etc. The ceiling height is generally more than 2 meters, so that it will not give people the feeling of being empty. If the bathroom space is relatively large, you can also design a cosmetic cabinet. Waterproofing. The waterproofing of the bathroom is very important. If the previous waterproofing is not good enough, the phenomenon of water leakage will cause the roof of the lower building to become wet or cracked, and the loss will be large, so the waterproofing must be done well. Master bedroom bathroom, the master bedroom bathroom decoration can be designed according to your own preferences, dressing table, cosmetic cabinet, more personalized, including the choice of toilets, you can also use some distinctive toilets. Public bathroom, the design of the public bathroom does not need to be as individual and distinctive as the bathroom design of the master bedroom. The design of the public bathroom focuses on practicality, and is spacious, bright and space-saving. Dry and wet are distinct. When decorating the bathroom, separate dry and wet as much as possible. Prevent areas such as towels and clothes from being kept as dry as possible, and separate from the bathing and wash basin areas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Marketing Dept. : Sarah Zhang Website: Email: Whatsapp :  +86 13711212050 Skype :  d4fe721555d40ef0 Cell:  +86 13711212050 Phone :  +86 22213121 Fax:  +86 020 22213154

  • Let technology change life and improve the quality of life
    Let technology change life and improve the quality of life
    • May 31, 2021

    Have the following phenomena ever happened to you? Staring at mobile phone while brushing your teeth; listening music while taking a shower... It's so inconvenient, but you still struggle to watch...even your phone is in dange of falling into the water. We have also thought of many ways to "renovate" the bathroom and make it smarter to meet the various needs in our lives, like using mobile phone holder, or sticking the phone on the wall, but sometimes, accidents are always inevitable, your phone might drop on the floor. In order to solve those problem that cause your life so many inconvenient, also considering the most young people’ core demand, we've given the bathroom mirror reborn, beyond all your imagination of bath mirrors. Vercon smart mirror support upport to listen to music, watch TV; When the mobile terminal (mobile phone, tablet computer, etc.) and the smart bathroom mirror are on the same wireless network, the content of the video APP (Youtube, etc.) that supports the projection function on the mobile device can be wirelessly projected to the bathroom mirror. For more smart bathroom mirror’s function, we would like to share with you next time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marketing Dept. : Sarah Zhang Website: Email: Whatsapp :  +86 13711212050 Skype :  d4fe721555d40ef0 Cell:  +86 13711212050 Phone :  +86 22213121 Fax:  +86 020 22213154

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