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  • Will the Russian-Ukrainian War Affect Smart Mirror Exports?
    Will the Russian-Ukrainian War Affect Smart Mirror Exports?
    • March 18, 2022

    What Is the War Between Ukraine and Russia? The Russian-Ukrainian War is a protracted hybrid war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine since February 2014. The early stage was conducted in the form of low-intensity wars and proxy wars. On February 24, 2022, the Russian-Belarus alliance invaded Ukraine on the grounds of "demilitarization and de-Nazification". The conflict officially turned into a full-scale war on that day. What Date Did Russia Invade Ukraine 2022? Russia began an invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, in an escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War that began in 2014. It is the largest conventional military attack in Europe since World War II. On 21 February 2022, Putin recognized the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic, two self-proclaimed states controlled by pro-Russian separatists in Donbas. The next day, Russia's Federation Council unanimously authorized use of military force, and Russian soldiers entered both territories. On 24 February, about 05:00 EET (UTC+2), Putin announced a "special military operation" to "demilitarize and denazify" Ukraine. Minutes later, missiles struck places across Ukraine, including Kyiv, the national capital. The Ukrainian Border Guard reported attacks on the borders with Russia and Belarus. Shortly afterwards, Russian Ground Forces entered Ukraine, prompting Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to enact martial law and general mobilisation. Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine 2022? The first aspect is historical origin. Ukrainian and Russian histories are closely linked. After the end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, major Ukrainian political leaders and Russia maintained relatively close and mutually recognized cooperative relations. However, due to the change of Ukrainian political orientation, it turned to be pro-Western and tried to control Russia according to the United States, which led to the prominent internal ethnic conflicts in Ukraine, and also caused the political relationship between Russia and Ukraine to fall into a state of opposition. The second aspect is the result of international political changes. The first is that there is a structural contradiction between the transatlantic and Europe and Russia, which includes the structural contradiction between Russia and NATO, Russia and the United States, and Russia and Europe. At present, under the constant provocation and stimulation of the United States, the two sides have fallen into a situation of direct confrontation. The third aspect is caused by the complex changes in the current geopolitics around Russia. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, a series of independent and sovereign countries emerged around Russia, but these countries have complex historical ties with Russia. Geographical p...

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    A "magic technology" that can make ordinary mirror into a smart magic mirror
    • March 12, 2022

    With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more smart home items continue to detonate the market. Among them, the smart bathroom mirror is favored by users with its dazzling presentation ability and powerful functions. Smart mirror cabinets have also become the choice of many families. How to instantly transform an ordinary mirror cabinet into a smart mirror cabinet is the key to the ability to customize and the stability of electronic products after customization. Vercon Technology has deployed smart magic mirrors for many years, and has many sets of mature bathroom magic mirror solutions, integrating product design, sample research and development, engineering manufacturing, and software research and development, creating upstream and downstream supply chains and providing the most perfect bathroom mirror field. solution. Among them is the modular assembly scheme of standard smart mirror cabinets. The smart mirror cabinet mirror series launched by VERCON fully considers the production, installation and material characteristics of traditional mirror cabinets, and adopts a fully modular and fully waterproof design to support various standard cabinets. For assembly, you only need to reserve the standard interface, use hinges to fix the cabinet body and mirror body, and complete the smart mirror cabinet. The ultra-thin mirror body, with a thickness of only 18mm, can support a more beautiful mirror cabinet design and support customization, and the customization time is 7-15 days. In terms of functions, it uses the branch of the magic mirror system that has obtained a patent for soft writing, including music, video, message, news, travel management, health management, chronic disease monitoring, gadgets, screen projection, light control, anti-fog, perception and other functions. More than ten years of smart product development experience escorts user experience and equipment stability. Vercon team has professional solution design talents in the industry. The strong output of standardized solutions and the rapid response of customized projects are all of Vercon Technology as an industry leader. Proof of the strength of the sheep. The company has professional class 100 and class 1000 dust-free production workshops, advanced assembly line equipment and laboratories. With a relatively complete industrial chain layout and supply chain management capabilities, it has built an upstream and downstream industrial chain of product design, mirror interactive panels, engineering manufacturing, software R&D, quality management, and industry integration, providing Vercon smart mirror + series of ecological products. Strong quality assurance, excellent cost advantage and industry-leading software and hardware customization responsiveness. With the opening of the upstream and downstream industry chains, the core competitiveness of Vercon's intelligent ecological solutions has also been established, and the output of high-quality and cost-effe...

  • What products will be sold well in 2022
    What products will be sold well in 2022
    • February 26, 2022

    No matter you have an online store or you are a wholesaler,choosing what products to sell is one of the most important things.However,there are so many options out there. You may take smart mirrors into consideration because the market is huge,the global market is projected to reach $4,118.7 million by 2025. So you need to find a reliable manufacturer of smart mirrors.Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures smart mirrors for bathroom and fitness. Smart bathroom mirror Compared with ordinary LED mirrors,smart bathroom mirrors can do many other things. 1. Time and temperature display The new smart bathroom mirror is an Android-based mirror that integrates the system with home decoration and displays real-time time and temperature. 2.Get real-time information. It enables users to view today's news, weather,watch sports news and other information by touching the screen while washing their hands or faces. 3.Enjoy the music The smart bathroom mirrors have the ability to connect the Internet and listen to songs online. You can also enjoy singing a song in the bathroom. 4.Anti-fog With the anti-fog function, you don't need to wipe the mirror after every bath in order to see yourself clearly, giving you the most authentic self. 5.Waterproof Because the smart bathroom mirror has a power supply inside, many people worry that it will get water into it.Actually there is nothing to worry about. This smart bathroom mirror is waterproof.The rate is IP65. The smart bathroom mirrors are widely applied in luxury hotels,departments. Smart fitness mirror Since 2020,many places are locked down and gyms can not open.To keep physically and mentally healthy,you should work out at home. What you can do at home? 1.Take a walk According to the Mayo Clinic,walking just 30 minutes a day can make a difference.So,if you need to stay indoors,taking a walk is a good choice.You do not  have to change.You can also enjoy the music regardless of the surroundings. 2.Dance According to the University of California, Berkeley,dance can improve heart health and lowering anxiety,it is a a beneficial form of exercise. 3.Push-up Push-ups mainly exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially the chest muscles.If you can do more than 40 push-ups a day, the risk of heart problems is much lower than that of normal people. 4.Yoga What are the benefits of yoga? 1)Yoga can relax both the body and mind. The massage action of the hands can relieve the fatigue state of the muscles. Regular breathing methods and exercise postures can speed up the blood circulation. 2)Appropriate yoga exercises for women can make breathing more peaceful and regular, make qi and blood run effectively, strengthen physical functions, regulate people's emotions, and return to peace and tranquility. 3)For obese people who need to lose weight, practicing yoga can enhance their willpower and help control their diet. And yoga can consume too much fat, which is also conducive to weight los...

  • Something Smart In Your Bathroom
    Something Smart In Your Bathroom
    • February 18, 2022

    We live in an intelligent age, everything you see might have smart function. Smart tap, smart toilet, smart mirror, smart towel hanger...everything around your bathroom, you can tell. Today, we will analyze them one by one, how smart it is & where is it’s intelligence. Smart Faucet/Smart Water Tap/Motion-Activated Faucets What is smart faucet? The smart water tap is made with a temperature sensor, it displays temperature of the water and water flow quantity. With touchless and sensitive touch design, water will automatically turn on/off when you need it. Also, it's very easy to regulate water temperature and adjust flow rate. For example, touchless faucets allow water consumption in households and public spaces to be halved while raising user-friendliness and hygiene to a new level at the same time. What is water tap function? Intelligent faucet solution are part of today's smart life or smart home. The touchless tap with dual handle can quickly control the tap water flow and meet the various needs of daily life. The sensor smart kitchen faucet can be controlled via Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant smart helpers to dispense a measured amount of water, such as sink’s worth, a litre or one cup. Turn your regular faucet into a smart tap with a new new life style. Smart Mirror/Magic Mirror/Intelligent Mirror A smart mirror is a two-way mirror with an electronic touch display screen behind the glass. The display screen can show the users different kinds of information in the form of mirror, such as weather, time, date, and news updates. Vercon smart bathroom mirror with the stronger waterproof and defogger to ensure users using it in the shower cabin without any problems. You can free to enjoy the spotify music by using Vercon bathroom smart mirror; watching TV and YouTube videos in high-definition/clear images; checking the traffic routes on the map before you go outside; shipping on Amazon online in your free time. More over, connecting with the body fat scale and skin detector to manage and analyse your body health of body fat, body water, BMI, body muscles, bone mass, face skin,etc. What smart mirrors can do? With a smart mirror, you can typically get information such as the date and time, daily news, weather forecasts and traffic reports. Smart mirrors often have built-in LED lights, allowing you to adjust the color and warmth to provide optimal lighting for your needs. Some smart mirrors play music via Bluetooth and let you make phone calls or access the apps on your phone. For smart fitness mirror, you can free to do workout or exercise at home; with smart home security mirror, you can feel free to control any device in your house no matter where you are. Automatic Smart Toilet/Intelligent Smart Toilet Smart toilets come with features like heated seats, air deodorizers, and automatic lids that open and close when they sense someone approaching or leaving. A smart toilet and bathroom tap that flush and dispense water without...

  • About the customization difference between smart bathroom mirror and traditional mirror
    About the customization difference between smart bathroom mirror and traditional mirror
    • February 12, 2022

    Due to the different production processes and product attributes of traditional mirrors and smart mirrors, traditional mirrors focus on a highly customized design concept, while smart mirrors propose relative customization. Let's introduce the differences between these two types and how smart mirrors should be designed will make more sense. One,the production process of traditional mirrors and smart mirrors Traditional mirror making process: 1.Mirror surface: after making the whole mirror, the glass can be cut and edged according to actual needs. 2.Structure: the traditional mirror has few electronic accessories, and does not need to consider high-level waterproof and dust-proof. It generally achieves IP44 level, and the structure is relatively simple. Smart magic mirror production process: 1.Mirror surface: the original glass sheet is made into a non-conductive semi-lens by coating. Because of the display area, the smart magic mirror cannot be cut and used directly like a traditional mirror. Usually, it is cut to size and shape according to the needs, and then made. The silk screen printing process forms the ink layer behind the mirror through the silk screen printing process. This process also constitutes one of the reasons why the smart magic mirror will not be oxidized and rusted. As long as the size is changed, it will involve re-opening the screen printing screen. The screen printing screen cost is usually 1200-2500 yuan per size, and the production time is 2 days. If a certain amount cannot be formed, it will be difficult for the entire supply chain to cooperate. A small amount of customization costs a lot more. 2.Structure: Display, touch, smart host, sensor and other accessories need to be installed in the smart mirror, which needs to be supported by a precise structure. The premise of ensuring stability is to ensure the consistency of the product as much as possible. The structural parts of the smart mirror are basically The mold is completed, including the wires, which are all customized, so that such standardized products can ensure the consistency and stability of the products. Two, how to customize the smart mirror in the project 1.The model should be as unified as possible. Taking a project of 1,000 sets as an example, it is best to control it within 5 models, and 3 is the best. This is convenient for production and model management, and is also conducive to on-site installation management and after-sales management. 2.If it is a mirror cabinet project, you can use the smart magic mirror as the main cabinet door to make a standard size, and then use the traditional mirror cabinet to supplement the size. (As shown below) Three,notes It is necessary to check and sign the drawings, confirm whether to open the door on the left or the right, communicate with the design department of Party A to reserve three-plug potential, it is best to suggest to reserve the network port, the color and thickness of the cabinet door frame, etc. The fram...

  • What Is The Current Situation Of The Exhibition Industry Due To The Impact Of Covid-19?
    What Is The Current Situation Of The Exhibition Industry Due To The Impact Of Covid-19?
    • December 28, 2021

    As we all know, attending an exhibition will bring lots of benefits, like meeting your potential clients face-to-face, fast deal; increasing your brand awareness with low-cost marketing; more over, you can gain more knowledge of your industry, knowing well your competitor. But the current situation of exhibition industry was facing lockdown and postponement/ cancellation of events due to the Covid-19. In most countries, it is possible to organize trade fairs in local, but for some oversea attender had to be canceled or postponed, cuz the travel restrictions, and other uncertainty factors. We can’t tell, and it’s hard for us to forecast the outlook of exhibition in the coming year, but we sure the exhibition won’t be disappear or replaced by online fair/ exhibition. Which Exhibitions Or Fair Vercon Attended OR Visited? Even thought the global market was affected by Covid-19, Vercon still looking for some exhibition/fair that suitable for us to attend or visit in the future, during the past years, we have attended the IBS and KIBS 2019. The International Builders' Show (IBS) and the The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) were hold in Orlando, FL, February 8-10 or 9-11 each year. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) as the North America’s largest trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design, for all interior & exterior materials as well as project equipments, kind of one stop solution, saving your time, and making purchaser more convenient to looking for building materials. KBIS, in conjunction with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends and technologies, wide variety of construction products: ceramic tiles, sanitary wares & fittings, lighting, doors, windows, laminate flooring, furniture, scaffolding & formwork systems, steel coils, steel plates, as well as project tools & equipment like concrete mixers & pumps, etc. Kitchen & Bath China (KBC), as the Asia's No.1 fair for sanitary & building technology, is the most influential kitchen and bathroom trade fair in China and all over the world, main product group Built-in Kitchens, Kitchen Furniture, Sanitary Equipment, Valves and Fittings, etc. Kitchen & bathroom brand like American Standard; Clear Mirror; Hastings; AXOR; Hansgrohe; KOHLER are all attend. Vercon as a professional smart mirror manufacturer attended the exhibitions, attracted many audiences to stop and watch, they are surprised at the magic mirror & got nice experience when interactive with the intelligent mirror. Vercon smart mirrors were recognized by many customers that no matter from smart home industry or traditional led mirror, sanitary ware customer, even other industries. We pretty sure the two-way smart mirror will gonna change your life style in the near future no matter in bathroom or fitness center. Some Exhibitions In Kitchen And B...

  • Vercon Developed the First Smart Backlit Bathroom Mirror
    Vercon Developed the First Smart Backlit Bathroom Mirror
    • November 05, 2021

    Vercon was established in 2016, is a Chinese leading manufacturer which specializing in manufacturing, supplying and trading smart mirrors. Focus on producing smart bathroom mirror, smart fitness mirror, smart home security mirror, smart makeup mirror and smart fitting mirror, except that Vercon smart mirror factory also have their own software& hardware team. And with such strong team, they have developed the first the smart mirror with backlight. What is a back lit LED smart mirror? Backlit mirrors are one of the hottest bathroom mirror trends in the last decades. A smart backlit mirror usually works with LED lights hiding in the back of the mirror, by using the light-emitting diodes as the backlight source to outlining its perimeter - giving off a subtle but sufficient light with a warming & relaxing glow, comparing with the traditional cold cathode tube backlight source, LED has the characteristics of low power consumption, low heat generation, high brightness and long life. The brightness of the LED backlight is high, and the brightness will not decrease after long-term use. Installing a smart backlit bathroom mirror is the perfect way to give your bathroom a 5-star upgrade. Moreover, the round backlit mirror can create an illusion of increased space in your washroom, with task lighting. What's the Difference Between Backlit and Lighted Mirrors? Generally, frameless backlit round mirror and lighted mirrors are the same mirror, because both of them are illuminating lights, with same lighting effect, features, as well as practical and decorative functions, but the difference between these two illuminated mirrors has to do with where the LED lights are installed. Round backlit mirror bathroom have their bulbs placed behind the mirror, while lighted mirrors have their LEDs mounted on top or within the mirror surface( this what we also call front light mirror). Furthermore, backlit medicine cabinet mirror won't cast shadows on you because they emit an even amount of light all around you, that’s the one thing light mirror can’t do. Why choose a backlit mirror? A round backlit mirror 800mm not only aesthetic but also functionality. First, led backlit mirrors offer superior light coverage while maintaining space efficiency. The smart backlit bathroom mirror will give you beautiful and warming lighting without the need for separate light fixtures, only with an integrated LED mirror can emitted the warm light, and the light reflecting in the mirror can be distracting, then will transform your bathroom into an charming and relaxing space. Second, round backlit mirror 600mm are also your best choice for applying makeup, shaving or styling your hair & dressing, as they won't cast shadows on your face. Smart round backlit mirrorsmake you look good, and when you look good, you feel good, then you have a good day. Third, Vercon backlit medicine cabinet mirror with the stronger waterproof IP65 and auto defogger to ensure our smart mirror bat...

  • Why will smart fitness mirrors become the future trend?
    Why will smart fitness mirrors become the future trend?
    • October 29, 2021

    When you get off work, do you like to work out at home or rush to the gym? If the weather is bad, do you still keep exercising? We did a survey, and many people prefer to exercise at home instead of going to the gym, not because of the venue and time, but because of the variety of choices, more fun, and more interaction. For traditional home gyms, the membership fee in China is US$300 per month, plus a private training course of US$80 per month. Isn't it expensive? It still doesn't include other categories that might be of interest to you. Furthermore, after you paid the training fee, after the membership expires, you can no longer go to the gym. In the smart gym at home, you get personal fitness equipment, spend money to buy equipment that can be used for a long time, thousands of live and on-demand courses, and fitness coaches to let you exercise anytime, anywhere. Some people say that fitness mirrors have become so popular because Mirror was acquired by Lululemo, making so many people want to do the same thing, but you have overlooked one point. After the gym and fitness room are closed due to Covid-19, smart home fitness is the majority The perfect choice for people. The times have made this workout mirror popular. We are pretty sure that in the next few years, smart workout mirror will become more popular because it satisfies people's fitness needs and uses fragmented time to exercise. As we all know, COVID-19 has hit the world this year, and many things or activities are restricted, whether it is politics or sports, whether it is business or personal social interaction, but what we can do, life has to go on. As an ordinary person, we think that you care about your life most and hope not to be affected. Considering that you can only stay at home, what can be done? Do you eat and sleep all day? What should I do if I gain weight? What if I feel depressed? Exercise is essential, but I can’t go to the gym and I don’t have fitness equipment at home. What should I do? do not worry. In order to meet this change, VERCON has launched a smart exercise mirror that is not affected by the epidemic and continues to exercise. Vecon smart gym mirror, as an interactive fitness mirror, is the top smart fitness equipment you can buy now. Touch screen display; 3D depth camera tracks your actions and feedback to see if your actions are correct; remote personal training; you can experience exquisite fitness studio courses at home. In fact, smart home fitness mirrors are already very popular in the United States, such as Peloton, Mirror, Tonal; The Mirror provides different online courses, such as yoga, strength and aerobics, as well as different exercise times and fitness levels. Tonal provides digital weights to exercise your muscles by using a truly compact home gym. They are the best smart home gym exercise mirrors in recent years, which will be the trend in the future. Especially during the epidemic, home exercise is what people want. Moreover, in traditional...

  • Will Vercon smart mirror show oxidation and black spots like traditional LED mirrors?
    Will Vercon smart mirror show oxidation and black spots like traditional LED mirrors?
    • October 08, 2021

    The bathroom mirror is the most important mirror in the house and Its quality problem is the last thing you can't ignore. From a lighted bathroom mirror into android smart bathroom mirror, does Vercon two-way smart mirror will be oxidized and appear black spots? Firstly, why traditional backlit LED mirrors be oxidized and have black spots? The blackening of traditional vanity mirrors is caused by the oxidation reaction of the second layer of metal film. The mirrors available on the market are all cut. In a humid environment, water vapor will easily enter the mirror surface from the cut surface, which is oxidized and corroded. Mirror surface, resulting in dark spots. You can find out the material composition of traditional landscape mirrors by checking the table below. Material Traditional illuminated bathroom mirror Vercon backlit smart mirror First layer Glass silica Coating layer Second layer Metal film of silver or aluminum Electronic grade ultra-white glass, silicon dioxide Third layer Without the third layer Ink screen printing layer The you will see the main causes of oxidation and black spots on mirrors might as following: *Poor ventilation: Be sure to leave space between the mirror and the wall when you install the LED premium mirrors in the wall, in order to allow for ventilation. When the mirror is flush against the wall and moisture gets trapped, the silver backing on the mirror will begin to oxidize, causing the black spots. *Excessive moisture: The round bathroom mirror could have been exposed to excess moisture in its previous location or during shipping, especially when you hang in your bathroom. *Exposure to chemicals: Chemical cleaners with an ammonia base can damage the mirror backing and edges, causing black spots to appear. *Temperature Changes: Vast changes in temperature can also cause the black spots to appear. However, Vercon magic mirrors can prevent these problems by developed an unique mirror waterproof design. Each ventilate hole has a unique glue to bond it to prevent water vapor or mist from entering the inside of the 1200mm smart bathroom mirror. Besides, Vercon modern smart mirror have auto defog function mainly via heat transfer technology, it can keep the mirror temperature at a normal or standard level. We would also like to share with you why Vercon bathroom smart mirror won’t be oxidized, you can take a look the process principle of Vercon rectangle backlit smart mirror as below: The process principle of traditional backlit mirror The process principle of Vercon smart mirror Traditional backlit mirrors are mainly reflected by the second layer of metal film to have a mirror effect. This metal film is made of silver nitrate solution, plus some sodium ammonium hydroxide and glucose. Due to the reducing ability of glucose, the silver ions in silver nitrate are reduced to metallic silver particles. These particles become mirrors when deposited on the glass. This reaction principle is called "silver mirror...

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