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    • June 24, 2022

    In the 21st century, more and more things become intelligent, such as smart phones, smart home and so on. Have you ever heard of smart mirrors? Do you think mirrors can be intelligent? There is a saying that there is nothing you can't do, only what you can't imagine .Many things have become intelligent, and mirrors can become intelligent . And Today's topic we talk is smart mirror. Speaking of magic mirror, have you thought of the queen's line in fairy tales, "mirror, mirror,who is the most beautiful person in the world?" Do you want one of these magic mirrors? Now let's realize such a magic mirror for you. About the mirror , it has no magic, but its intelligence is just like magic. It is very different from our common mirrors. HOW DIFFERENT IT IS FROM TRADITIONAL MIRRORS ? It’s not just a mirror . As smart as a smartphone, it has various apps that let you listen to music , watch videos like YouTube, shop online, check traffic conditions and so on. You don't have to take your mobile phone into the bathroom to play songs and watch videos anymore. You can also go online to search makeup tutorials to learn makeup while you are making up. At the same time, you’re not afraid of fog when you look in the mirror, because it has anti-fog function. HOW SMART IS THE SMART MIRROR ? First of all , all our vercon smart mirror is built in Android 11 for the latest OS system and can touch screen .About the smart mirror it’s more functions , you can watch videos , play music , check the traffic , weather , calendar , health management , smart home and so on .  At the same time . there has app centers that provide users with APP to download , such as You tube , Spotify music , Instagram , News and so on . These app are all suitable for use on the smart mirror system . Functions: • Media center Compare with a TV mirror, a smart TV mirror plays music or videos from an online platform, not cable. • Display information Display various online information, such as news, weather, date, appointments... helps you get ready for the day. • Health management Connecting various smart devices with Bluetooth, such as smart scale, skin analyzer, helps you keep fit and improve health conditions. • Support various smart apps Thanks to the Android open platform, the smart mirror load with your favorite applications, such as YouTube, Spotify... Provides unbelievable interactions with you. • Check the traffic • Smart home With the natural large screen for smart home, via the Tuya or control4, you can easily control your smart home while you are back home or leaving. Smart mirror components: • Micro computer • Touch screen • Wireless connection • High quality audio • IP65 waterproof & defogger IN CONCLUSION Smart Mirror has been introduced in recent years. Not many companies in the market offer smart mirror. Our company is one of them, which has its own hardware production and software technical support. At present, all our smart mirrors are equipped with smart mirror systems ...

  • Does Vercon Smart Mirror Support Zigbee Device?
    Does Vercon Smart Mirror Support Zigbee Device?
    • June 15, 2022

    Based on years experience, the zigbee module we selected for the Vercon smart mirror end that applying in the final application scenario, is more controllable for the version and integrity of the zigbee protocol stack. Combined with the knowledge of the zigbee network composed of "smart mirror + intelligent mirror", we have successfully connected the zigbee module on the smart bathroom mirror, and there is no technical obstacle at all. Other routers or end-devices may not be able to join the network. This probability may not be high, but it cannot be ruled out---customers need to measure the zigbee devices other than the smart mirror in the project, or our zigbee modules can be adapted to their zigbee devices. As long as the networking is successful, the data interaction between our magic mirror and the end-device through the zigbee network can be successfully established. What Is Zigbee Device? Zigbee is a wireless network protocol for low-speed short-distance transmission that allows many home security and smart home devices to interconnect in a single system. The main features are low speed, low power consumption, low cost, support for a large number of network nodes, like your home Wi-Fi network. Zigbee as a wireless technology that supports automation, enabling the user to remote control equipment and temperature, monitor energy consumption and control home security. How Zigbee connect with smart home solution? Zigbee smart home hubs help control smart devices across your home by giving you a single app, which eliminates the need for multiple apps on your smartphone. Zigbee sends instructions between smart home devices, from a smart speaker to a light bulb, for example, or from a switch to a bulb - without first going via a central control hub, like a Wi-Fi router. This signal can also be sent and understood by the recipient device no matter which manufacturer made it. So long as they all support Zigbee, they speak the same language. Zigbee operates as a mesh network, which means instructions can be sent between devices attached to the same Zigbee network. In theory, each device acts as a node, receiving and transmitting data to every other device, helping the instructions data spread further and the smart home network can cover a large area. What is the Benefits of Zigbee Home Automation? Zigbee Home Automation (Zigbee HA) is a global standard that can make every home smarter. Zigbee HA enables consumers to manage energy consumption, home security and to save money. There are lots of advantages when using Zigbee HA, e.g. that it is affordable and easy to install, safety and security. With Zigbee-based smart home products, consumers can control LED figures, light bulbs, remotes and switches in home and remotely to improve energy management. Utility companies can use Zigbee in their smart meters to monitor, control, inform, and automate the delivery and use of energy and water. Zigbee helps retailers operate more efficiently by ensuring ...

  • Vercon gets good feedback at ISE 2022
    Vercon gets good feedback at ISE 2022
    • June 06, 2022

    The 2022 European Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition ISE is organized by InfoComm International. The holding cycle is: once a year. This exhibition will be held on May 10, 2022. The exhibition location is Spain-Barcelona-Av. Joan Carles I, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat - Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center, Spain. The exhibition area is expected to reach 41,200 square meters, the number of exhibitors will reach 51,003, and the number of exhibitors and exhibiting brands will reach 952. The European Professional Audio-Visual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ISE) is the most successful and largest professional audio-visual equipment and information system integration technology exhibition held in Europe so far. In fact, ISE is also the most visited professional audio-visual and systems integration exhibition in the world. Since ISE was successfully held for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland in February 2004, every year the exhibitors and visitors will refresh the previous record. With the maturity of technology, how to make better use of existing technical resources and provide novel solutions has become the focus of the industry Range of exhibition Communication integration: communication integration communication equipment; network solutions, VoIP; radio communication; home network and automation, information distribution and services, signal management and processing, analog systems, system integration services, building automation Audio processing, video and audio products: power amplifiers and mixers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, hearing aids Audio accessories and products: public address and intercom systems, walkie-talkies, intercom devices; microphones; language translation devices; wireless microphones; paging machine; background music system; receiver; regulator; audio software; sound masking equipment; audio, amplification equipment; infrared wireless sound field; speakers and speakers; earphones; 3D technology and equipment Digital signal processing, computers and software: computer components such as sound cards, graphics cards, memory cards; computer accessories such as keyboards and mice; notebook computers; servers; software; testing equipment; intelligent terminals; multimedia control systems, streaming media computer network connection: conventional cables ; Optical fiber and cable assembly; Data cables, connectors, converters and adapters Video conference equipment: video conference equipment audio/video and data conference equipment; conference equipment and technology, presentation and training equipment; simultaneous interpretation systems; teleconferencing equipment and auxiliary programs; teleconferencing systems and components; echo processing; video conferencing products and Auxiliary programs; videoconferencing systems and components Imaging equipment Imaging equipment and related products: camera display screen; ...

  • What Operating System Does Vercon Mirror Use?
    What Operating System Does Vercon Mirror Use?
    • May 18, 2022

    Vercon mirror runs on Android system mostly, not only for smart bathroom mirror, smart home security mirror, also for smart fitness mirror. The reason why we choose Android OS considering there are other choices, like Window system, IOS system, Raspberry. Why Choosing Android System for Smart Mirror? First, Android system with open source software, means you can customize it according to your needs. For Vercon, we always try to test new things with our smart mirror to meet the diverse needs of customers, like changing software, rooting smart mirror and more...all those research can be finished with Android. Second, as a professional smart mirror factory, cost is also a consideration for us. Compared to IOS, window, Android OS offer very low prices and give you more, pretty cost-effective, and this is the big reason we can offer you competitive products. Third, lots of choices in apps with Android system, more options and various applications for your reference. Why not the Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror? The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects, which widely apply in networked AI core, factory controller, and much more due to it has a CPU core, which has more processing power, the Raspberry Pi is very suitable for devices whose main goal is processing. However in terms of energy consumption, because the Raspberry Pi has a CPU core and the operating system it runs is linux, so the Raspberry Pi will consume more power, even take the battery as the power source, the working time of the board will probably be the same, just for a few hours. Therefore, as an electronic consumer product, the Raspberry Pi system is obviously not suitable for smart mirror products. There is no good or bad to choose which OS, mainly depend on your project. Only from the reality can we make the best use of each system, instead of pursuing the latest, most expensive and best system. What is the Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror? The Raspberry Pi smart mirror, also known as a magic mirror, is a futuristic digital mirror that displays everything from the current time and date to weather information, scheduled appointments, or the latest news headlines. The smart mirror will be able to use some google play application and the system will also be able to handle audio and video recording. The display will be interactive by the use of a PCT touch foil. How to build a smart mirror? As a professional manufacturer of smart mirror, we are not share with you how to make smart mirror step by step if you want to build to your own smart mirror DIY, there are lost of articles or videos online that you can check, like Michael Teeuw for creating MagicMirror, or mirr.OS Operating system made for you and your Smart Mirror. We are focusing on wholesale smart mirror business, not for personal entertainment or DIY R&D, your kindly understand would be grateful. ------------------------------------...

  • Invitation: 2022 ISE 2P750
    Invitation: 2022 ISE 2P750
    • May 09, 2022

    Europe's most successful and largest professional audio-visual event to date - ISE Europe 2022 will be held in Barcelona, Spain from May 10th to 13th. The European Professional Audiovisual Integration Equipment and Technology Expo is one of the most visited professional audiovisual exhibitions in the world. The 2022 European Professional Audio-Visual Integrated Equipment and Technology Expo (ISE 2022) is co-hosted by the most influential industry organizations in the field of audio-visual technology, InfoComm International and The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. A high-end show with international new technologies and fashion trends in the fields of screens, digital signage systems, and multi-touch displays. Organised by AVIXA and CEDIA (the worldwide association of design, manufacture and integration technology companies for the home and commercial sectors), the event will be attended by more than 700 companies. Since good audio quality is essential for a complete audiovisual experience, the Audio Showcase is one of the 6 major areas of the show for professionals who want to learn about the latest innovations in the field such as audio signal processing and transmission, immersive spatial audio or speaker design person. Vercon will meet you at ISE Europe soon. As a professional enterprise in the field of smart mirrors, Vercon will bring a variety of cutting-edge new products to the booth 2P750 in Hall 2. Through three core products, Vercon will present a variety of overseas debut new products and innovative cutting-edge technologies to our customers and partners, bringing you brand new Sensory experience. Vercon's smart mirrors products are divided into S series, K series, H series. S series The product has a square design, a rounded corner design, an intuitive and practical 21.5-inch high-definition screen, and the simple installation process also helps the audio to play the best sound. Capacitive touch screen with 10 touch points; frameless slim structure: 20mm; with LED light on the round; defogging during working status; built-in own patent system: android 2+16GB; time, calender, weather; health center: skin detect, body condition checking; Sonicare kids toothbrush; music on Spotify; video on YouTube and Amazon video; News on ESPN and NBC NEWS; HERE Maps; Chrome internet on Google search; seting with Wifi, Bluetooth, Language, Light etc. More Apps Center: Instagram, Smart life, Facebook , etc. also have a waterproof IP65 rating, so there is no need to worry even when installed in the bathroom. K series The product is of square and round design, borderless design, 10.1-inch screen, and supports special-shaped design at the same time, and the simple backlight operation makes this mirror bright. The latest Android 11 system application is in the K series, which is the world's first new model. Built-in 14 languages to meet different market needs. More than 100 kinds of apps are convenient for users to download, allowing y...

  • Design principles of smart home
    Design principles of smart home
    • May 06, 2022

    Reliability The intelligent subsystems of the whole building should be able to operate 24 hours a day, and the safety, reliability and fault tolerance of the system must be highly valued.  Take corresponding fault-tolerant measures for each subsystem in terms of power supply and system backup to ensure the normal and safe use, good quality and performance of the system, and have the ability to cope with various complex environment changes. Standard Smart home system design should be in accordance with the relevant national and regional standards, to ensure the expansion and scalability of the system, in the system transmission using standard TCP/IP protocol network technology, to ensure that the system between different manufacturers can be compatible and interconnected.  The front-end equipment of the system is multifunctional, open and extensible.  For example, the host, terminal and module of the system adopt standardized interface design to provide an integrated platform for external manufacturers of home intelligent system, and its functions can be expanded. When the function needs to be added, there is no need to dig the pipe network, which is simple, reliable, convenient and economical.  The selected systems and products are designed to interconnect the system with the future development of third party controlled devices. Convenience Wiring installation is simple directly related to the cost, scalability, maintainability of the problem, we must choose a simple wiring system, construction can be wired with the community broadband, simple, easy;  The equipment is easy to learn and master, easy to operate and maintain. The convenient design of the system in engineering installation and debugging is also very important. Home intelligence has a significant characteristic, is the installation, debugging and maintenance of the workload is very large, need a lot of manpower and material resources, become a bottleneck to restrict the development of the industry.  In view of this problem, the system should be designed to consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, such as the system can be remote debugging and maintenance through the Internet.  Through the network, it not only enables the household to realize the control function of the intelligent home system, but also allows the engineers to remotely check the working status of the system and diagnose the faults of the system.  In this way, the system setting and version update can be carried out in different places, which greatly facilitates the application and maintenance of the system, improves the response speed and reduces the maintenance cost. Data security In the gradual expansion of smart home, there will be more and more equipment connected to the system, which will inevitably produce more operating data, such as air conditioning temperature and clock data, indoor window switch state data, gas an...

  • Smart home makes your life comfortable
    Smart home makes your life comfortable
    • April 15, 2022

    Smart home is also called smart house.  Popularly speaking, it is a networked intelligent home control system integrating automatic control system, computer network system and network communication technology.  To measure the success of a residential district intelligent system, is not merely dependent on how much of intelligent systems, advanced or integration in the system, but depends on whether system design and configuration of the economic and reasonable and the system can not run successfully, the use of the system, management and maintenance is convenient, system or product technology is mature and applicable, in other words,  Is how to use the least investment, the most convenient way to achieve the biggest effect, to achieve a convenient and high-quality life. Optional lighting Control arbitrary lighting control, press a few buttons can adjust the lighting of all rooms, all kinds of dream lights, you can create!  Intelligent lighting system has soft starting energy, can make the light gradually brighter and dimmer;  Lighting dimming can realize the function of brightness and dimming, so that you and your family share warmth and romance, with the effect of energy saving and environmental protection;  Full-on full-off function can easily realize one-button full-off and one-button full-on functions of lights and appliances, and has brightness memory function. Simple to install Smart home systems can be easily installed without breaking walls or buying new electrical equipment, and can be fully connected to existing electrical equipment in your home, such as lights, phones and appliances.  Various electrical appliances and other intelligent subsystems can be controlled from home or completely meet the requirements of remote control. scalability Smart home systems are systems that can be expanded. Initially, your smart home system can only be connected to lighting equipment or common electrical equipment. In the future, it can also be connected to other devices to adapt to new smart living needs. Even if your home has been decorated can be easily upgraded to smart home.  Wireless control of the smart home system can not destroy the original decoration, as long as the corresponding module can be installed in some sockets and other places to achieve intelligent control, but not to the original house wall damage. The basic goal of smart home is to provide people with a comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient living environment.  For smart home products, the most important thing is to be practical as the core, abandon those flashy, can only serve as a decoration function, product practicality, ease of use and humanization. We believe in the design of intelligent household system, should be based on user demand for the function of smart home, integrate the following the most practical and most basic household control function: including intelligent home ...

  • Vercon Bathroom Smart Mirror Design 2022
    Vercon Bathroom Smart Mirror Design 2022
    • April 07, 2022

    Although bathroom mirrors may be considered an essential fixture that serves a purpose, we know that bathrooms mirrors can be both functional and stylish. You can use your bathroom mirrors to display your personal decor or to store bathroom accessories that would otherwise be too cluttered. We also offer modern technology such as ambient lighting, waterproof and demisters. You've come to the right place if you are looking for bathroom mirror inspiration and ideas. Vercon launched the new style smart mirror with two led strip light on the side of the magic mirror, not like most traditional LED mirror, the ambient lighting is controlled by software, you are free to turn on/off anytime you want, this is a very friendly design for ladies who do makeup in the bathroom while using the smart android mirror. Here are some other points for your reference: * Super slim 20mm thickness * Customized software with closed system * 21.5inch touch display screen * Control everything in the circle Vercon as a smart mirror factory, also have the ability to develop & design intelligent mirror, if you have special request, welcome to contact us or leave messages to us. What Is The Best Mirror For A Bathroom? The best bathroom mirror will vary depending on the style of your bathroom and the dimensions of your bathroom. Modern style, European style, local folk style, or original ecology have their own unique styles. In the same way, these styles can create a luxurious bathroom. A smart bathroom wall mirror can be a great addition to any bathroom. It won't get steamy and needs less maintenance than regular mirrors. A smart bathroom mirror can include many of the features that we have already discussed. First, you can choose a cabinet with smart mirrors on the outer panels. This will provide storage and still have all the useful features of a smart mirror. For example, take the smart mirror with cabinet. The cabinets can be used to store your toiletries. It also doubles as a large smart mirror. If illuminated mirrors appeal to you, you can opt for smart mirror with LED light. Vercon smart mirror also support to have three LED mode, including cool, warm and white LED lights that wrap around the frame of the mirror, or just on the top of the mirror, Vercon have different design about the LED light of smart mirror. You can also adjust the brightness to your liking with an ambient dimming option. Vercon smart mirror is an ideal for bathroom vanity mirrors. It can be hung in portrait or landscape orientation to maximize wall space. What Size Should A Mirror Be In A Bathroom? We recommend that you install a wall smart mirror measuring a few centimetres smaller than your bathroom vanity sink. Your ceiling height and your height will determine the height of your smart mirror. You want your bathroom android mirror functional, so consider your eye level. The size of your bathroom electric mirror will also depend on how personal you are with home decor. It's not a goo...

  • Smart home system
    Smart home system
    • March 26, 2022

    Smart home system is the use of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, intelligent cloud control, integrated wiring technology, medical electronic technology in accordance with the principle of human engineering, integration of individual needs, will be related with the household life of each subsystem, such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care, health and epidemic prevention, security guards, such as organically unifies in together, through the network integrated intelligent control and management, implement "people-oriented" new household life experience. It is also known as Smart Home.  With intelligent household system meaning similar to have family automation, electronic family, digital home, family network, network household, intelligent family/building, in Our country Hong Kong and Taiwan and other areas, there are digital family, digital household and so on. The ultimate goal of smart home is to make the family more comfortable, more convenient, more safe, more in line with environmental protection.  With the continuous development of human consumption demand and residential intelligence, today's intelligent home system will have more and more rich content, system configuration is more and more complex.  Smart home including Internet access system, anti-theft alarm system, fire alarm system, TV talk back door area, gas leak detection system, remote meter reading system (water meter, electric meter, gas meter) system, emergency system, remote medical diagnosis and nursing system, indoor electrical automatic control, centralized management and development system for hot and cold system, online shopping system, voice and fax (  E-mail service system, online education system, stock operating system, video on demand, pay TV system, cable TV system, etc. Intelligent home system is a kind of living environment for people, which is installed with intelligent home system on the platform of the house, to realize the family life more safe, energy saving, intelligent, convenient and comfortable.  To housing as a platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home system design scheme of safety technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the household life related facilities, schedule to build efficient residential facilities and family affairs management system, improve home security, convenience, comfort, artistry,  And to achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment. Intelligent home system allows you to enjoy life easily.  When you are away from home, you can remotely control the intelligent system of your home by telephone or computer. For example, you can turn on the air conditioner and water heater in advance on your way home.  When you open ...

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