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How to decorate your bathroom?

  • May 31, 2021

Bathroom decoration is very important, even the space of bath room is relatively small, but there are many things to be decorated, like led mirror; led light; sanitary ware and etc,. so the design is very important. Here is how to decorate the bathroom.

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Layout. The layout of bathroom decoration is very important. It is necessary to make full use of space. The arrangement of water pipes, wires and sockets must be fully designed. The design of storage racks should also use space as much as possible to make the bathroom more spacious.

Suspended ceilings are made of various materials, such as PVC, plastic-aluminum panels, aluminum gussets, etc. The ceiling height is generally more than 2 meters, so that it will not give people the feeling of being empty. If the bathroom space is relatively large, you can also design a cosmetic cabinet.

Waterproofing. The waterproofing of the bathroom is very important. If the previous waterproofing is not good enough, the phenomenon of water leakage will cause the roof of the lower building to become wet or cracked, and the loss will be large, so the waterproofing must be done well.

Master bedroom bathroom, the master bedroom bathroom decoration can be designed according to your own preferences, dressing table, cosmetic cabinet, more personalized, including the choice of toilets, you can also use some distinctive toilets.

Public bathroom, the design of the public bathroom does not need to be as individual and distinctive as the bathroom design of the master bedroom. The design of the public bathroom focuses on practicality, and is spacious, bright and space-saving.

Dry and wet are distinct. When decorating the bathroom, separate dry and wet as much as possible. Prevent areas such as towels and clothes from being kept as dry as possible, and separate from the bathing and wash basin areas.


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