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How to choose a smart LED bathroom mirror?

  • July 21, 2021

A mirror is very important for us in the bathroom because we always use it when we walk into the bathroom. So, how to choose an LED bathroom mirror? You need to pay attention to the following.

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Firstly, it has to be waterproof.That is very important.You can just imagine how dangerous it will be if Smart LED Bathroom Mirror is not waterproof,you will easily get an electric shock. That is very horrible. There is complete no need to worry about this if you have Vercon smart LED bathroom mirror in your bathroom since it is waterproof, the rate is IP65, very high in this industry.

What other problems will there be? I think it is fog on the surface.You know,there is steam in the bathroom, especially after a shower. We can hardly see anything clearly in the mirror, then we have to wipe the mirror to remove the fog. So anti-fog is another thing you need to think about.Vercon smart LED bathroom mirror has defogger built in. How matter how long it will take to finish a shower,there will not be any fog on the surface. In front of you is a very clean mirror.

Except the IP rate and anti-fog,there are many other factors to think about before buying an LED bathroom mirror.Let us talk next time.Thanks.


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