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Enjoy backlit smart mirror with Vercon

  • September 29, 2021

Our factory covers an area of nearly 5,000 square meters, and has a leading industry-leading production line of 1,000-class clean room and 100-class clean room. There are nearly 120 employees, including more than 20 R&D teams and technical service teams in our smart mirror factory. Vercon smart mirror manufacturer is headquartered in Guangzhou, with a Shenzhen branch and more than a dozen professional departments. Our company has passed CE(RED2014/53/EU), FCC, CCC, ISO9001 and RoHS certification.

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Adequate preparation of raw materials in the warehouse is our factory's greatest guarantee for delivery. It can be shipped within 24 hours if customer request. You can receive our samples for testing within 7 days. Very fast.

Vercon R&D:

Hardware: our professional hardware engineers, from design drawings to customer’s requirements, whether it is 3D depth camera debugging, smart bathroom mirror with speaker, smart mirror with MIC, backlit mirror with Zigbee, touch screen smart bathroom mirror,smart bathroom mirror with bluetooth speaker, etc. Our professional hardware engineers will propose corresponding solutions to meet user experience.

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Software: after more than 5 years of market research on the bathroom scene and tens of thousands of overseas customer surveys, our software team has developed a set of software that matches the bathroom scene. Currently, we have obtained the software patent of MRMAX for backlit smart mirror factory. Vercon has own developed android 11 software system launched it on May, 2021. You also can enjoy YouTube, Spotify and Facebook etc in our led backlit smart mirror.

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Vercon Lab:

For incoming materials:

1. Two-dimensional: Mainly detect the inner size, outer size and logo size of the touch screen;

2. Micrometer: mainly used for measuring thickness;

3. Optical transmittance measuring instrument: It mainly measures the transmittance, UV, IR and VL of glass.

For finished products:

1. Vibration machine: Test the results of the packaged round backlit smart mirror under different external force vibrations. Generally, we will take it off after 8 hours of work to check whether it is intact and whether it is in normal use after the machine is turned on.

2. Falling ball impact machine: test the hardness of the glass, use different gravity balls to fall at different heights, check whether the glass is broken, and what is the quality.

3. Waterproof machine: test the use of smart bathroom mirror cabinet in the bathroom scene.

What are the functions of android smart mirror app?

frameless backlit mirror factory

1. Anti-fog function

The reason why it is said to be a smart product, naturally there will be many special features. For example, most of smart tv android mirror on the market can add anti-fog function, which is a qualitative leap for traditional bathroom mirrors. When we take a bath, ordinary mirrors will be foggy, and we need to wipe them clean before we can use them. Magic mirror display avoid this trouble, and we can see clearly no matter what.

2. Waterproof function

Broadly speaking, those with LED lights and touch switches can be regarded as smart mirror touch display. You may be worried that there will be problems when water gets on them. In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. Because smart mirror for bathroom has a waterproof function, even if you splash water on it, it will not have any effect, and it does a good job in terms of safety performance.

3. Anti-rust function

After all, it is in a humid environment like the bathroom, so smart mirror with YouTube is specially equipped with anti-rust function, so there is no need to worry about lighted bathroom mirror starting to rust after a period of time and having to replace it with a new one. Long service life, more affordable.

4. Song listening function

Today's technology has almost turned the impossible into reality. Many friends like to listen to music while taking a bath, which makes people more relaxed. And put the mobile phone in the bathroom, there is always the possibility of water, and bathroom mirror touch screen has its own singing function, and it can also be connected to wifi, which is really not too comfortable.

5. Watch the news

Maybe you can’t think of it, we can check the latest news, weather forecast, etc. on the touch screen of smart mirror manufacturer, it’s really amazing.

6. Display time and temperature

In addition to watching news, listening to songs, etc., the best smart mirror will accurately display the time and temperature according to the surrounding environment.

7. Health management

People in modern society pay more and more attention to various indicators of the body, such as body weight, body fat percentage, BMI, etc. We have developed two functions of body fat scale and skin tester in response to demand. The body fat scale uses Bluetooth to connect to our smart mirror, and the measured data will be displayed in our android smart mirror for bathroom. At the same time, it can also record the data of each test, so that we can know the data of each measurement and then adjust our diet. The skin tester can measure the water and oil data of our eyes, face and hands, so that we can replenish water in time and apply a mask.

8.App Center

We provide more than 100 apps for you to download in our smart mirror app center, you can find your favorite apps here.

More features are waiting for your discovery.

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As a smart mirror supplier, our goal is to become a brand service provider with core technical advantages and absolute influence.

Let you free your hands, use the fragmented time, and experience the intelligence of life; connect and control the bathroom intelligent equipment, Vercon is more intimate.


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