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  • June 07, 2021

The bathroom intelligent mirror has a waterproof design, the mirror IP65 waterproof level, the installation method is also diverse, no matter wall-mounted installation or embedded installation can be, to meet a variety of your customized needs.

When the intelligent bathroom mirror is at rest, there is no difference with the ordinary mirror, used for brushing and makeup; When the magic mirror is awakened, it is also an intelligent interactive platform, which becomes your life housekeeper in a second. The toilet intelligent magic mirror that installs in bathroom will let you enjoy the bath time with more intelligence. The health management system in the intelligent bathroom mirror can make statistics and analysis of your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep quality and other health indexes, and show them to you intuitively by sending the data to the mobile phone.

portable smart mirror

Intelligent bathroom mirror can easily realize the linkage between a variety of intelligent products, to create a smart home system. Products can be achieved seamless docking system. Such as intelligent switch, intelligent security, health planning, interactive entertainment and other practical functions.

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