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Does Vercon Smart Mirror Support Zigbee Device?

  • June 15, 2022

Based on years experience, the zigbee module we selected for the Vercon smart mirror end that applying in the final application scenario, is more controllable for the version and integrity of the zigbee protocol stack. Combined with the knowledge of the zigbee network composed of "smart mirror + intelligent mirror", we have successfully connected the zigbee module on the smart bathroom mirror, and there is no technical obstacle at all.

Other routers or end-devices may not be able to join the network. This probability may not be high, but it cannot be ruled out---customers need to measure the zigbee devices other than the smart mirror in the project, or our zigbee modules can be adapted to their zigbee devices. As long as the networking is successful, the data interaction between our magic mirror and the end-device through the zigbee network can be successfully established.

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What Is Zigbee Device?

Zigbee is a wireless network protocol for low-speed short-distance transmission that allows many home security and smart home devices to interconnect in a single system. The main features are low speed, low power consumption, low cost, support for a large number of network nodes, like your home Wi-Fi network. Zigbee as a wireless technology that supports automation, enabling the user to remote control equipment and temperature, monitor energy consumption and control home security.

How Zigbee connect with smart home solution?

Zigbee smart home hubs help control smart devices across your home by giving you a single app, which eliminates the need for multiple apps on your smartphone. Zigbee sends instructions between smart home devices, from a smart speaker to a light bulb, for example, or from a switch to a bulb - without first going via a central control hub, like a Wi-Fi router. This signal can also be sent and understood by the recipient device no matter which manufacturer made it. So long as they all support Zigbee, they speak the same language.

Zigbee operates as a mesh network, which means instructions can be sent between devices attached to the same Zigbee network. In theory, each device acts as a node, receiving and transmitting data to every other device, helping the instructions data spread further and the smart home network can cover a large area.

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What is the Benefits of Zigbee Home Automation?

Zigbee Home Automation (Zigbee HA) is a global standard that can make every home smarter. Zigbee HA enables consumers to manage energy consumption, home security and to save money. There are lots of advantages when using Zigbee HA, e.g. that it is affordable and easy to install, safety and security.

With Zigbee-based smart home products, consumers can control LED figures, light bulbs, remotes and switches in home and remotely to improve energy management. Utility companies can use Zigbee in their smart meters to monitor, control, inform, and automate the delivery and use of energy and water. Zigbee helps retailers operate more efficiently by ensuring items don't run out of stock and supporting just-in-time inventory practices, as well as monitoring temperatures, humidity, spills and so on.


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