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Design principles of smart home

  • May 06, 2022


The intelligent subsystems of the whole building should be able to operate 24 hours a day, and the safety, reliability and fault tolerance of the system must be highly valued.  Take corresponding fault-tolerant measures for each subsystem in terms of power supply and system backup to ensure the normal and safe use, good quality and performance of the system, and have the ability to cope with various complex environment changes.

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Smart home system design should be in accordance with the relevant national and regional standards, to ensure the expansion and scalability of the system, in the system transmission using standard TCP/IP protocol network technology, to ensure that the system between different manufacturers can be compatible and interconnected.  The front-end equipment of the system is multifunctional, open and extensible.  For example, the host, terminal and module of the system adopt standardized interface design to provide an integrated platform for external manufacturers of home intelligent system, and its functions can be expanded. When the function needs to be added, there is no need to dig the pipe network, which is simple, reliable, convenient and economical.  The selected systems and products are designed to interconnect the system with the future development of third party controlled devices.

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Wiring installation is simple directly related to the cost, scalability, maintainability of the problem, we must choose a simple wiring system, construction can be wired with the community broadband, simple, easy;  The equipment is easy to learn and master, easy to operate and maintain.

The convenient design of the system in engineering installation and debugging is also very important.

Home intelligence has a significant characteristic, is the installation, debugging and maintenance of the workload is very large, need a lot of manpower and material resources, become a bottleneck to restrict the development of the industry.  In view of this problem, the system should be designed to consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, such as the system can be remote debugging and maintenance through the Internet.  Through the network, it not only enables the household to realize the control function of the intelligent home system, but also allows the engineers to remotely check the working status of the system and diagnose the faults of the system.  In this way, the system setting and version update can be carried out in different places, which greatly facilitates the application and maintenance of the system, improves the response speed and reduces the maintenance cost.

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Data security

In the gradual expansion of smart home, there will be more and more equipment connected to the system, which will inevitably produce more operating data, such as air conditioning temperature and clock data, indoor window switch state data, gas and electricity meter data.  These data form an unprecedented degree of association with the privacy of individual families. If careless data protection is caused, it will not only lead to the leakage of extremely private data such as personal habits, but also the leakage of data related to family security, such as the state of Windows, will directly endanger family security.  At the same time, the smart home system is not isolated from the world, but also to review the data into the system, to prevent malicious damage to the home system, or even damage the home appliances and equipment connected to the Internet.  Especially in today's big data era, we must protect the security of family big data.

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