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China Smart Security Mirror in Villa

  • May 31, 2021

Video monitoring function, you can easily achieve video dialogue through Vercon smart mirror so you can enjoy the fun of conversation without leaving home.

What can our smart security mirror bring you?

1. Widely used, our products are not only suitable for hotels, homes, and property management centers.

When you are on a business trip or staying in a hotel, you can use our smart security mirror to make elevator reservations and order meal services to experience the smart life of a different short-distance trip.

At home, our smart security mirror can realize the connection control of the smart home. With one touch, the light is turned on; the curtain can be opened with one click; the image can be easily obtained by connecting the camera; only one point, no need to go to the door opening , You can unlock smartly.

2. Comprehensive functions.

In addition to daily applications, our porch mirrors can also realize the functions of the Internet of Things. Connections: air conditioners, water heaters, TVs, air purifiers, sweeping robots, washing machines, sockets, kitchenware, smoke sensors, etc., make your The home is fully intelligent and technological.

3. More than just a "mirror".

In addition to more intelligent functions, our entrance mirror actually has the function of a traditional mirror. Before going out, you can check your appearance, organize your clothes, and have a good mood.

4. The size is small, easy to operate and within reach.

There are countless porch mirrors on the market. There are intelligent porch mirrors, and they are only available in Guangzhou Vercon.

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