What is the perfect smart bathroom mirror?

  • 2021-07-23 15:11:39

There is no denying that the digital age has changed many facets of everyday life. For instance, smart bathroom mirrors have been designed to help users stay on top of their personal grooming habits. These innovative devices are equipped with speakers, touch screens, and a variety of other functions that make them more than just bathroom mirrors.

If you’re reading this blog post, it means that you are probably interested in investing in smart mirrors. If so, then I am glad to introduce the perfect smart bathroom mirrors to you.

A new series smart bathroom mirrors developed by Vercon Technology company are beyond human imagination. When these products with elegant appearance and novel features were displayed, they received many exclamations and admiration.

The mirrors are frameless structure,dust-proof & waterproof grade reaches IP 65.

They can come in many different shapes and sizes and the most suitable for the bathroom will depend on its shape and size too. They could be in round, rectangle and cabinet shapes etc.

With Android 10.0 operation system which is the No.1 and only one in the smart mirror industry.

custom bathroom led mirror


You may not expect that there are so many useful functions that can enable you to make the most of your bathroom experience in the most convenient ways possible...

1.With LED backlit could offer you a good atmosphere and may put on a beautiful makeup;

2.Check the weather information tells you dressing index or whether need to take umbrella before go outside and Calendar will remind you of important days;

3.You can listen to music or watch video during brush tooth and wash face, enjoy the time in bathroom;

4.A warm message sent to the smart mirror screen, surprised you;

5.The Love Life App, will tech you how to wash face correctly and Sonicare kids help your child to develop the habit of brushing teeth.

6.The highlight function of  Health center could check body condition, skin condition and heart rate via connect with the smart devices , and help you to manage health and improve your health.

7.In the application management center there are other more apps also, such as Financial news, sports news, Tik Tok etc. You not only could know much information but also take the entertainment.


1.Solid and strong carton plus wooden crate package ensure the mirrors in good condition during the long way transportation.

2.With a strong software and hardware technician team, could offer customers OEM & ODM service and ensure the high quality of products.

3.With one year warranty and professional after sales service, wipe out customers’ worries about ordering products.

From the above introduction, you could have a clear sense of what is the perfect smart bathroom mirror.


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