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  • Popular types of bathroom mirrors
    • July 02. 2020

    Are you still troubling while choosing the right bathroom mirror? The first step in finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom is determining the type that you need. There are quite a few bathroom mirror types that you might interested in knowing more. Lighted Mirror Lighted mirrors are typically equipped with energy-efficient LEDs located on the top, bottom, sides, or all around, the most commo...

  • Bathroom Vanity Lights VS Vercon bathroom mirror
    • July 02. 2020

    Bathroom light plays an important role in the bath room and helping you to see yourself clearly in a better way, so your bathroom lights should be bright enough that you can see clearly what you are doing. White light is usually matched with simple design style lamps and lanterns, used in simple and modern design style bathroom space. The yellow light is matched with the noble, elegant and retro l...

  • The Best Smart Mirrors Can Improve Your life
    • July 08. 2021

    In modern times, people live modern lives, not only in the living room and bedroom, but also in the bathroom. In the past, we installed an LED light mirror in the bathroom, which can provide a bright atmosphere and clear images. However, it go out of fashion. When we go to the bathroom, we also like to bring a mobile phone and listen to the music or watch the video while brush teeth and wash face....

  • Visit Vercon Factory Online/offline
    • July 13. 2021

    Welcome to visit Vercon smart mirror’s factory anytime no matter online or offline! Estabilished in 2016, Vercon is a Chinese leading manufacturer and exporter in smart mirror and touch screen monitor industrial. Vercon specialized in the production of -Smart Bathroom Mirror -Smart Fitness Mirror -Smart Home Security Mirror -Smart Makeup Mirror -Capacitive Touch Screen All smart mirrors can be app...

  • What is the perfect smart bathroom mirror?
    • July 23. 2021

    There is no denying that the digital age has changed many facets of everyday life. For instance, smart bathroom mirrors have been designed to help users stay on top of their personal grooming habits. These innovative devices are equipped with speakers, touch screens, and a variety of other functions that make them more than just bathroom mirrors. If you’re reading this blog post, it means that you...

  • Keep fit with smart fitness mirror from Vercon
    • August 07. 2021

    Nowadays, it’s really hard for people to keep fit, here some reasons we found out: first, no time, also on the way to gym waste so much time, especially traffit; second, can’t hold on, it’s kind of little boring after a little long time; third, gym far away from home, can’t go anytime, it’s not convenient. In order to solve all of those problems, fitness smart mirror came out, it’s like a personal...

  • Watch sport news on ESPN on smart led mirror light
    • August 13. 2021

    In the weekend, when you don’t need to go to work, and you have time in your bathroom make your own smart mirror, you can open the ESPN app and watch the sport news you like. ESPN (originally an initialism for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is an American multinational basic cable sports channel owned by ESPN Inc., owned jointly by The Walt Di...

  • Bathroom LED mirrored cabinet
    • August 18. 2021

    A bathroom cabinet is used to store many things like hygiene products,toiletries,electric shaver,hairdryer and sometimes it stores medicines,so it can be a medicine cabinet also. But you may find it annoying if you have to clean the surface after taking a shower.Now a bathroom cabinet can be equipped with many other functions,like anti-fog technology. Vercon vanity mirror with wifi have defogger b...

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