The Best Smart Mirrors Can Improve Your life

  • 2021-07-08 10:21:04

In modern times, people live modern lives, not only in the living room and bedroom, but also in the bathroom.
In the past, we installed an LED light mirror in the bathroom, which can provide a bright atmosphere and clear images.

However, it go out of fashion. When we go to the bathroom, we also like to bring a mobile phone and listen to the music or watch the video while brush teeth and wash face. Some times there is incident happens, the mobile phone drops into the water or drops to the floor and broken unfortunately.

makeup mirror smart

Thus, you may want to opt a smart mirror for your bathroom. Vercon smart bathroom mirror, will solve the unfortunate problem, let the smart life armed to the bathroom and let you enjoy the bathroom time.

It has features that will make you never want to use a regular LED light mirror again. Its anti-fog function, you’ll be able to see yourself right away, and under the dimmable led light, you could let you make a pretty makeup. The IP65 grade dust proof & waterproof is especially for the bathroom environment.

The most important functions are that you no longer need to bring a mobile phone into the bathroom, but you could enjoy Hifi sound music and HD videos. The Smart bathroom mirror with 21.5” touch screen and Android operation system. Built in many useful Apps, the highlight function is health center, could help you to manage and improve health. When connect with a body fat scale or skin tester, which could check your body and skin condition, provide you a report and advice.

Vercon magic smart mirror will bring your bathroom to a high level and improve your life !


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