Special function of vercon voice activated smart mirror is health management

  • 2021-08-20 09:45:26

It’s special function of our digital smart mirror, when the body connected to the smart bathroom mirror, you can open the health management function, and then take off your shoes and socks, step on the scale, your health data will be generated soon.

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Here are the features of health management:

1. Body weight information viewing: After using the intelligent body fat scale, the software  will display body weight, body fat percentage, water content, BMI and other body index data.

2. Data recording function: the real-time recording of each weighing weight information generates a graph of body weight change and a data report of weight loss and fat loss. Users can have a more comprehensive understanding of themselves by viewing different periods of time.

3. Fitness recommendation: Based on your real-time weight, body fat and height information, the system will customize and recommend fitness programs suitable for you.

4. Diet recommendation function: Weight loss and fitness should not only exercise but also pay attention to the diet, and recommend tailored meal recipes for you.

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