New arrival Android 11 round backlit smart bathroom mirror

  • 2021-09-18 16:07:11

On 15th Sept,2021 (GMT+8) we had a live stream show to introduce our new arrival Android 11 backlit round smart bathroom mirror. Let us review what the live stream show was about if you missed it.

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This new arrival backlit smart mirror comes with Android 11 operating system, it may be the latest operating system in smart bathroom mirror industry, surpassed by none.

The diameter is 600mm, that is 23.62”. And the 1280*800 high resolution touch screen looks perfect on the best smart bathroom mirror.

Since it is a touch screen, I guess most of you will care about the waterproof rate out of safety concern. The quality of Vercon smart bathroom mirror with tv is reliable because it is IP65, complete safe to use the smart bathroom mirror with bluetooth speaker in the bathroom. And it is probably the highest waterproof rate in touch screen smart bathroom mirror also since most of others’ products are just IP44. It means that you can really rely on all the Vercon touch screen smart tv mirror.

Since the round backlit led mirror is used in the bathroom, there is some steam on the surface after taking a shower or brushing teeth. It is really inconvenient to clean the surface of the mirror from time to time. With built-in defogger, the backlit mirror 800mm can be free of fog on the surface, you do not have to clean it. And you can see your reflection clearly in the mirror. It is a very user-friendly function.

What we use a bathroom mirror most is to see the reflection of ourselves when we make up, get dress. So an LED Illuminated mirror can help you with this. The brightness is adjustable, you can just make it brighter when you make up or get dress. Vercon smart vanity mirror led light dimmable or you can make it sleep when you are away from the mirror, and when you are come back, the smart mirror is waking up, it is energy saving. In addition, an LED Illuminated mirror functional and aesthetically is pleasing to use in the bathroom.

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Vercon led backlit defogger smart mirror are also designed to be interactive with your family members. You must feel weird, how can a mirror be interactive with someone else? Because we can just leave a message to the mirror to remind your family members what the weather is like or to send blessings if it is someone else’s birthday. This is what makes Vercon backlit circle smart mirror different from others. It is a humanized design. You can keep the smart phone out of bathroom now.

However, what concern us most of Vercon smart round backlit mirror is the health management function. Nowadays, people think keeping healthy is more and more important. people have always wanted to keep healthy, and they can keep a diet, work out regularly. But they need to know their body conditions well first. That is what Vercon backlit smart mirror is for. After connecting the body fat scale, you can measure your body conditions. It is so easy and convenient, especially for those people who stay at home. After measuring, you will have some data like your weight, your body age, the scores. What’s more, you can also have some advice, like to keep a diet, to do some more exercise. It is just like a private coach to you. Since 2020, people attach more and more concern to keep healthy. Vercon launched this practical and useful function to help people to stay healthy.

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Besides the body fat scale, Vercon backlit circle smart mirror can also connect with the skin tester. To my knowledge, many young ladies pay much attention to their skin, they will use some skin care products. But there are so many products with different functions on the market. How to choose suitable products? We also need to know our skin conditions well. Thanks to the skin tester, we do not have to go somewhere to test our skin, it saves our time and money.

Quite many people watched our live stream show and showed their interesting. Some of them us, gave us a like, asked for a catalogue. They felt amazing by Vercon bluetooth smart mirror because those so-called smart mirrors they are built with an LCD display with time, temperature and Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth and wifi, what is more, the screen of Vercon smart bathroom mirrors can be turned on or off. When the screen is off, it is a whole mirror. Vercon is a professional smart mirror factory. 

They also asked us questions as below.

1) Q:MOQ.

A:1 unit is accepted.

2) What is operating system?

It is Android 11, the latest version in smart bathroom mirror.

3)What is the IP rate?

It is IP65. Most of others are IP44.

From above, you can see that Vercon android smart mirrors come with high quality with innovation. I guess that their touch screen smart mirrors will be the new trend in bathroom mirror industry. In order to let more people experience their new frameless smart bathroom mirrors, the body fat scale or the skin tester will be free of charge if you place an order within this month. This is a great chance.

Except the round smart bathroom mirror, there are other sizes and shapes,like 1200*800mm,600*800mm and 500*700mm. You can choose a suitable size for your preference. So just feel free to contact Vercon for more detailed information. It is a great business opportunity.


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