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  • What Can A Smart Mirror Do?
    • October 25. 2021

    What Can A Smart Mirror Do? What makes a Smart Mirror ‘smart’ is the ability to display any information you want on it. A smart bathroom mirror with tv can be customized to display local weather forecasts, news bulletins, your upcoming calendar schedule, social media feeds, etc. As an example of what a smart bathroom mirror with weather can do, this is what mine displays when I walk into my bathro...

  • New developed Android 11 waterproof smart mirror makes daily life convenient
    • October 23. 2021

    Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd is china smart mirror factory located in Guangzhou, China with years of experience in the manufacturing smart mirrors. Bathroom may be the first place you go to after waking up. Now it is an commercial society, people can work from home or work everywhere thanks to the development of internet and technology. In the past two years, it has been common for people ...

  • Vercon: smart mirror technology,smart life
    • September 25. 2021

    Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech smart mirror factory focusing on intelligent magic mirror + great health + Intelligent ecology, the company relies on strong development experience in interactive touch screen mirror technology, industrial design, scene application and other technical fields. Resource integration and product development oriented to industry ecology, and continuou...

  • New arrival Android 11 round backlit smart bathroom mirror
    • September 18. 2021

    On 15th Sept,2021 (GMT+8) we had a live stream show to introduce our new arrival Android 11 backlit round smart bathroom mirror. Let us review what the live stream show was about if you missed it. This new arrival backlit smart mirror comes with Android 11 operating system, it may be the latest operating system in smart bathroom mirror industry, surpassed by none. The diameter is 600mm, that is 23...

  • Best Smart Mirrors--Come and Choose the Right One Smart Bathroom Mirror for You
    • September 11. 2021

    Smart Mirror also known as Magic Mirror, Intelligent Mirror, it turns an led wall mirror into a special one that assemble Android mainboard, touch screen, LCD display, electric parts with the mirror, to display general information smart mirror is pretty novel product and new trend in the sanitary ware industry, it also takes reflectivity in the bathroom to the next level. Designed with perfect ill...

  • Smart mirror my smart life!
    • August 27. 2021

    Every device today seems to have a ‘smart’ version of it. There are smart watches, smart TVs, smart fridges, smart speakers, and even smart lights. Let’s have a look at an interesting smart device, the smart mirror. A Smart Mirror is a two-way mirror with an inbuilt display behind the glass. The display can show anything you want on the mirror’s surface such as the current time, weather forecast, ...

  • Just make your bathroom mirror more practical
    • August 25. 2021

    Bathroom may be the first place we go to in the morning,it is also a place to get relaxed after a day’s work. As our living standard is improving,we seek life of better quality. We may spend some more time,more money on the decoration of our bathroom. People may need a bathroom mirror to be more functional,more intelligent. Vercon smart mirror display are equipped with LED lights,the brightness of...

  • Special function of vercon voice activated smart mirror is health management
    • August 20. 2021

    It’s special function of our digital smart mirror, when the body connected to the smart bathroom mirror, you can open the health management function, and then take off your shoes and socks, step on the scale, your health data will be generated soon. Here are the features of health management: 1. Body weight information viewing: After using the intelligent body fat scale, the software  will di...

  • Bathroom LED mirrored cabinet
    • August 18. 2021

    A bathroom cabinet is used to store many things like hygiene products,toiletries,electric shaver,hairdryer and sometimes it stores medicines,so it can be a medicine cabinet also. But you may find it annoying if you have to clean the surface after taking a shower.Now a bathroom cabinet can be equipped with many other functions,like anti-fog technology. Vercon vanity mirror with wifi have defogger b...

  • Watch sport news on ESPN on smart led mirror light
    • August 13. 2021

    In the weekend, when you don’t need to go to work, and you have time in your bathroom make your own smart mirror, you can open the ESPN app and watch the sport news you like. ESPN (originally an initialism for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is an American multinational basic cable sports channel owned by ESPN Inc., owned jointly by The Walt Di...

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