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  • 2021-09-11 10:51:59

Smart Mirror also known as Magic Mirror, Intelligent Mirror, it turns an led wall mirror into a special one that assemble Android mainboard, touch screen, LCD display, electric parts with the mirror, to display general information smart mirror is pretty novel product and new trend in the sanitary ware industry, it also takes reflectivity in the bathroom to the next level. Designed with perfect illumination in mind, they add extra luxury to the bathroom. We just explore some smart mirror brands for your reference, you can take a look and make up your mind.

Kohler Voice Control LED Mirror

Kohler is a well-known brand in the kitchen & bathroom industry, and their products are found in every corner of household goods, like toilets, faucets, sinks, showers mirror, and more. If you already apply some kohler products at home, you might like their newly develop voice control lighting mirror, the illuminated bathroom mirror has built-in voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa, it’s fully connected with Kohler app, and with the app you can control the smart mirror’s lights, also various products around the house, like shower settings, lighting brightness, window curtain and so on. Except the voice control function, the smart mirror has all the basic functions, such as shopping, playing music, or checking traffic conditions, time and date update. However, it is only prototype now.

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QAIO Smart Bathroom Mirror

QAIO is a branch of Evervue USA Inc, they develop and manufacture of TV mirrors, lighted bathroom mirrors, and alexa smart mirrors. With 2 TV screens, one on the top of the mirror with 12.1inch screen and another one on the bottom of the mirror with 21.5inch, QAIO offers a variety of mirrors in different styles, dimensions and feature points, you can connect your smart devices, watch the latest news, get updates on your stocks, read the news, remote control the LED light, even you can use Alexa Voice Control & Google Assistant,Furthermore, you can talk to the mirror, it will answer your question quickly. All those features are not only convenient for your life, also inject a lot of fun into your life, pretty good experience if you have a try.

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Vercon Smart Mirror of Health Management

Vercon is the professional smart mirror manufacturer in China, not only has a strong supply chain, also has ability to develop software. Vercon bathroom smart mirror support updating news, weather, calendar, time; enjoying the Spotify music, watching YouTube video, shipping on Amazon, checking the traffic on Google Map.Except those base functions, Through smart mirror technology, Vercon independently develop a health management app, combine smart bathroom mirror technology with health management, let life better and healthier, as the pace of life accelerates, people are less concerned about their health, and with Vercon smart mirror health management, first, connecting the body fat scale to manage and analyze your health of body fat, body water, BMI, body muscles, bone mass, etc; second, attaching the skin detector to test your skin condition, support face, eyes, and hands analyzing; third, adding the smart toothbrush to keep tracking your brushing history and performance, gives you a better sense of how you improve your brushing, furthermore, the app offer games and rewards to encourage kids to finish their brushing, turn the task of brushing into an interesting activity that they enjoy. And at the same time Vercon also develop smart toilet, not only flushes automatically, it’s more than that, like checking your physical health condition through urine, whether it is a potential disease, let’s expect more from this smart mirror factory Vercon!

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How to choose the right smart mirror?

Smart mirror comes in various options to satisfy your needs, however, what’s the right one for you? Well, it totally depends on your end-use. For example, if you want the smart bathroom mirror just similar to a traditional bathroom mirror with led light, showing date and time, then pick up the simple one; if you want it with full function like your mobile phone, then pick up the complex one; if you want it with full heath management, then choose the Vercon android smart mirror, all those choices based on your end-use and budget.

Here are some features you need to consider while looking for a smart bathroom mirror

*Lighting: adjustable lighting with different color temperature, luminosity, warm light or cool light. With backlit smart mirror or with front light bathroom smart mirror.

*Fog Resistance: built-in defogger, making it a great option for bathrooms, the fog-resistant technology keeps the mirror clear and dry so you can enjoy your time in bathroom.

*Wi-Fi Capabilities: give you easy access to the weather and your local time auto-update on-screen

We pretty sure smart mirror is a trend soon, and there will be more newly develop smart mirror come out, what you need to do is just picking up the right one that fit for your needs. For more information about touch screen smart mirror, welcome to follow our page to get the latest news.


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