Bathroom Vanity Lights VS Vercon bathroom mirror

  • 2020-07-02 10:50:45

Bathroom light plays an important role in the bath room and helping you to see yourself clearly in a better way, so your bathroom lights should be bright enough that you can see clearly what you are doing. White light is usually matched with simple design style lamps and lanterns, used in simple and modern design style bathroom space. The yellow light is matched with the noble, elegant and retro lamps, and is used in European, American, elegant and retro bathroom spaces. If you like to make up in the bathroom, it is recommended that you choose a white light with a higher display index, and the light will restore the true skin color on the face, close to the natural light effect.

Before the mirror in the bathroom was just a simple mirror, then it turn into a vanity light bathroom mirror, that’s what we called bathroom mirror light traditional. And now to make it more suitable for people’s needs, Vercon smart bathroom mirror also have led light, not only for one, but three. Vercon smart bathroom mirror has three mode light: cold light; warm light and the neutral one. Those light not only for lighting, also for an atmosphere creation which can relax yourself when you taking a bath. If you have special idea or requirement, warmly welcome to share with us.

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