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  • Stepless adjustment of lights
    • July 01. 2022

    The bathroom is an important scene in our life. The quality of the environment also affects our mood. The lighting in the bathroom plays an important role in this. The unit of color temperature is K, and 1 color temperature is 1K. The low color temperature is below 3000K, the lower the color temperature value, the warmer the light color. It makes people feel warm and comfortable, so low color temp...

  • The composition and function of intelligent home system
    • June 01. 2022

    Intelligent household system includes main subsystems: household wiring system, home network system, intelligent household (central) control system, household lighting control system, home security system, background music system, such as TVC flat-panel audio, home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system such as the eight system.  Among them, intelligent home (central) ...

  • What's the Difference Between S Series Smart Mirror and K Series Smart Mirror?
    • April 27. 2022

    Vercon launched the second generation smart bathroom mirror(K series smart mirror) on July 2021, won the favor of customers at home and abroad, compare with the first generation smart bathroom mirror( S series smart mirror). what’s the difference between them? Let’s find out today. The Android Operating System is Different First, let’s start with the android operating system. As we all know, Verco...

  • Vercon Fitness Mirror - AI Fitness System and Solutions
    • April 23. 2022

    Vercon fitness mirror uses a 3D depth camera from Orbbec. Astra+ is a new upgraded product of Orbbec Astra series. The shell adopts a detachable and modular design. With a unique intelligent active cooling system, it can still output high-quality depth images stably in harsh environments. The interface is upgraded to USB3.0, which can provide higher bandwidth. The USB Type-C has a locking interfac...

  • Take a shower and listen to music in Vercon bathroom mirror!
    • April 02. 2022

    Mirrors are generally installed in bathrooms to facilitate daily use. What are the functions of the smart bathroom mirror? Let me take you all to find out. 1. Anti-fog According to the anti-fog principle, bathroom mirrors can be divided into coated anti-fog mirrors and electric heating anti-fog mirrors. Coated anti-fog mirrors prevent the formation of fog layers through coating micro pores, which ...

  • Smart home appliances
    • March 08. 2022

    Smart mirror is a mirror that integrates touch screen applications, health monitoring, external devices and information interaction.  The smart mirror is first a normal mirror, you can dress up in front of it;  When it is awakened, it becomes an intelligent interaction center, a little assistant in your life. On the smart mirror of smart home building, you can turn on air condi...

  • What is smart fitness mirror,and what functions does it have?
    • January 18. 2022

    You know what?  It will be too late if you don't exercise.  According to data released by the National Health Commission some time ago, overweight/obesity accounts for more than 50% of Adults in China, posing a huge risk to national health.  Since the launch of the National Fitness Plan (2021-2025), the enforcement of various sports and health related policies has bee...

  • Smart home gym equipment,smart fitness mirror
    • January 07. 2022

    Even though some gym reopen now,but now people are getting used to working out at home over the past two years because there are some advantages of working out at home,like time saving,money saving.Let me introduce some of the popular home fitness equipment to you. Medicine ball A medicine ball is also known as an exercise ball, a med ball, or a fitness ball.The diameter is about a shoulder-width,...

  • Smart Mirror - Make Your Home Smart
    • December 24. 2021

    Guangzhou Vercon Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of smart mirror series products. As a leading domestic smart mirror supplier and solution provider, VERCON IOT has a relatively complete industrial chain layout and supply chain management capabilities, and has built product design, mirror interactive panels, engineering manufactur...

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